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 A Flat, Diagon Alley

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PostSubject: A Flat, Diagon Alley   Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:18 am

Sophia was happy. She managed to land a job in the Daily Prophet, writing about politics and the going-on's in the Ministry. Now she was renting a cozy flat in Diagon Alley, away from the noise of her old home. Robin was babysat by a kind old witch in her building, and she looked forward to picking him up and seeing him at the end. Every month, she pinched her pennies, and she managed top put things away. Life was good.

Then, two notes from both her mother and her younger brother were threatening to disturb this peaceful balance that she worked hard to get.

Of course she didn't mind if Will lived with her while he went to school. He was a good kid, and he wouldn't cause too much trouble. As long as he did the cooking for the two of them, he would be able to stay.

What was distressing was the letter that she had received from her mother. Sophia's mouth was a thin line as read it. Father leaving, calling them all unsavory names... taking all of his money... found job, moving to the Isle Of Man- Where even was that place?... Kids acting up... James has disappeared again, Anthony smoking again...

Sophia leaned back in her chair, and squeezed her eyes shut. Being the eldest, she could remember her parents when they young, pretty, and happy. Her father used to play with her when he was younger. He would chase James around the yard, and he would play dolls with her. She could easily remember all of those came. And then everything began to fall apart, and all the youth were wiped away from both her parents.

It was both their faults. Sophia's mother had always been lazy, pushy, and bossy. She shouldn't have put such a heavy yoke on her husband's shoulders. Still, where was the integrity of leaving like that?

Sophia looked down at Robin, who was stumbling after their pet cat. She was happy that her son would never remember his father, or his grandfather. Who needed men?
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A Flat, Diagon Alley
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