At Least We Weren't The Cursed Child

all was well.
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 Hallway Outside The Transfiguration Classroom

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PostSubject: Hallway Outside The Transfiguration Classroom   Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:40 pm

Jennifer stood still, studying a rather large, puffy cat. It had curly whiskers, and a bitter face as if no one had given it a really good cuddle all week. Most people told her peoples' cats were able to frolic the castle, but that bitter face told her this cat wasn't a students'. She kneeled close to the ground, clucking at it. The puff ball came closer and closer, finally rubbing against her suspiciously. A pairs of older students passed by, double taking with wide eyes, as if she was breaking the law.
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Hallway Outside The Transfiguration Classroom
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