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 St. Ignatius' School

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PostSubject: St. Ignatius' School   St. Ignatius' School Icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 6:12 pm

It was lunchtime, but Rachel Moreno was merely poking at her food. Her chicken and egg on top of rice seemed like a wonderful treat on the walk to school tomorrow morning. But the test gratified with red ink next to her ruined her appetite.

No one was sitting or gossiping with her to take her mind off of troubles.

Why did Rachel care about Newton or gravity or inertia or her Physics class for anyway. 

"The world is how it is. No need to study a stupid textbook. I know if I jump up, I'll come back down. It doesn't matter." she jabbed the eye with her chopstick.

She did not care, and father would not either. Rachel reckoned that with the strange happenings occurring around her home and Church she had enough on her plate without Sir Isaac Newton breathing down her neck.

Rachel finally took a bite of a piece of chicken, accidentally getting sauce all ove her freckled face. She crumpled up her test, and used it as a napkin.
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St. Ignatius' School
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