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 Gringotts Bank.

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PostSubject: Gringotts Bank.   Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:20 pm

That was the thing about curse breaking, it kept you looking fight and young from all the running around you did in the depths of the bank.

Max, still looked young and fit like the day he began work as a youth fresh out of school. The only real tell tale signs of his age that had a couple of gray hairs scattered on the back of his head, and he had a couple lines under his eyes from smiling.

Another advantage of being an aging curse breaker is gaining the trust of the goblins who ran the bank. Occasionally, if they were in a good mood, Max was allowed to take home and keep a piece of treasure he found, if it wasn't super valuable, and if it wasn't goblin made. That very afternoon, around one, Max slipped a silver dagger that had emeralds encrusted on the hilt of it in his knapsack, as he was about to return home for his lunch break. He bade his coworker Drew goodbye, and he was soon off.

What more could Maxwell Adrien Silva want? He loved his job, a beautiful and spunky wife, four wonderful children, enough money to throw around every once in a while, and a dog with a religious name. What more could he possibly ask for?
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Gringotts Bank.
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