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 Kyle Jones

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PostSubject: Kyle Jones   Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:13 pm

Name: Kyle Jones
Meaning of name: Kyle is generally a Scottish name, but it meanings vary. Narrow, river, or woods are the commonly found ones.
Age: 17
Birthday: January 15, 1999
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Horoscope sign: Capricorn

Height: 5’10”
Build: A bit more bulky on the top, and very lanky otherwise.
Skin: Tan
Complexion: Clear besides a patch of pimples on one cheek that he scrubs all the time
Moles: N/a
Freckles: N/a
Birthmarks: One that he is convinced is shaped like the USA state of Texas on his thigh.
Head: Oval shaped with a more pointed chin.
Hair: Dirty blonde, wavy hair.
Eyes: Hazel nut shape, they’re a murky blue color

Positive Traits: Outgoing, cunning, sly, all out charming
Negative: Mischievous, cold, manipulative
Mood most of time: On the outside? Melancholy. On the inside? Mischevious and excited.
Summary: All in all, Kyle is a devious jerk who will go as far as he needs- or his pawns need to go- to get to where his goal is. Of course, if he finds a pawn to keep close, he will, but otherwise he goes along breaking hearts and being all out cruel. Very few times does he find someone he can genuinely call a close friend, the nearest he ever got to was an ally.
Favorite color: Dark green
Favorite book: He doesn’t think comparing books is fair since they are all so different.
Favorite Sport: “…Sport? Watching a few sweaty neanderthals run, or fly, around? No thank you. I’d rather sit through an everlasting History of Magic class.”
Favorite Spell: He finds a lot of interest in the imperius curse.
Philosophy: Keep your friends –pawns- close, and your enemies closer.
Style: Classy looking clothes all the time.
Likes: Rain, Winter, Darker colors, Solitude, Plans working
Dislikes: Stupid people, summer, neon colors, crowds, those of higher intelligence
Friends: “If that’s what my close pawns are called.” Hugh, [Kind of sort of friend] Sophia

House: Slytherin
Year: 7
Blood: Pure
Wand: "I'm not sure, but consider this, a maple wand. In length, it is just a bit over nine and one-quarter inches long. This wand's core is griffin heartstring."
Broom: He hardly ever uses it, but he owns a Nimbus 2000. They’re not the best seeing how much time as past since they were, but they are still pretty good.
Best Class: Transfiguration
Worse: Potions


Mother: Angelina Amy Jones (Majority of the time, goes by Amy)
Relationship with her: She's hardly ever home when he's home, always working. She's less a mother and more a... close teacher.
Father: Gerald Phillip Jones [Deceased]
Relationship with him: They didn't get along very well for the fact they had a very similar personalities, but Kyle chooses not to remember him.
Siblings: None

Type of childhood: Spoiled brat, he always got wanted. His mother was hardly around after she started burying herself into the family business, so he was more than less raised by the household staff.

Family history: His father, Gerald Jones, was a very large supporter of Voldemort and his ideals, but never actually became a Death Eater. Gerald realized that by coming out as a supporter, if and when Voldemort fell, Gerald would be persecuted. He worked behind the scenes, using family funds to assist in any way. After Voldemort's death, Gerald declined any questions that surrounded if he had supported the Dark Lord. Angelina and Gerald married as more of a business deal since both of their families had a good amount of money, love, if any, coming afterwards. When Kyle was younger, Gerald died of a mysterious food poisoning. Angelina fired half of the staff, blaming them for his death and after a week of mourning, buried herself in the growing business. Kyle secretly believes his mother was the cause of his father's death.

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PostSubject: Re: Kyle Jones   Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:35 am

Kyle is now bumped down a year, so he's currently a seventh.
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Kyle Jones
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