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 Emily Sawyer

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PostSubject: Emily Sawyer   Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:23 pm

I want to do shorter profiles for my remaining first so we can be ready ASAP. I'll probably go back later and end up making longer ones.

Name: Emily Hannah Sawyer
Meaning of Name/s Latin America origins-means admiring. Hannah has biblical roots, and means Grace of God. Sawyer is her family name.
Nickname/s: She just goes by Emily.
Birth Date: April 7th, 2005/6 (I'm not sure which one.)
Blood Status: (Pureblood? Half-blood? Muggleborn? Muggle? Squib?)

Hair: Emily has strawberry blonde colored hair. It's more blonde than red, but there's many natural red highlights running through it. It's rather thin and straight and plain by it's own. Emily likes to style it to make it more fancy and less plain.
Eyes: A plain watery blue, just like her mother's. They are rather dull and lack luster in color, but shape wise they are round and large, and she has thin eyelashes, though they are thick.
Skin: A peachy cream, but she tans easily so it can look more olive at times.
Nose: She has a larger nose, with a big bump on the bridge. It's sprinkled in freckles. Honestly, she is embarrassed by it, and hates it.
Mouth: She has long, and slightly full lips that are a healthy pink-red color. She has a large smile, with slightly crooked teeth, though she doesn't have any major dental problems.
Height: Emily is shorter for an eleven year old, but was about the same height as her mother when she was the same age; around 4'11.
Build: She is thin, and she is built like a 'board'. She has no hips or breasts as of now. She hopes that this changes soon.
Clothing Style: Emily dresses rather girly and preppily. She begins to wear makeup when she turns around thirteen, but for now she is to young.
Accessories: Emily loves jewelry and hair accessories. She almost always has a pair of earrings in, and some sort of headband of hair ribbon to spice up her plain hair.

First Year: 2017.
House: Ravenclaw
Quidditch: She doesn't play, but if she did, she would probably be a chaser or a seeker. She has the proper build for those two positions.
Best Subject: Charms and Transfiguration.
Worst Subject: Herbology and Divination.
Elective Classes: Divination, Arthimancy and Ancient Runes.
Notable Abilities: Nothing really, but she seems to have a lot of skill in subjects that require a lot of wand work in them.

Wand: "Now here we have a whippy spruce wand. In length, it is eleven and one-half inches long. This wand's core is phoenix tailfeather."
Patronus: A hummingbird.
Animagus: Probably some sort of bird, like a hummingbird or a red cardinal.
Pet: She doesn't have a pet, because she isn't much of a cat person. But she's saving up for her own owl.
Boggart: You-Know-Who

Mother: Rachel Sawyer
Father: Nicolas Sawyer
Siblings: Victor (her twin), Sophia, James, Will, Anthony, and Hayley.
Grandparents: The parents of her parents.
Aunts/Uncles: Aunt Katherine, her husband, and her Aunt Karin, who is dead.
Cousins: I guess the children of Katherine...
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A

Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:
Fear/s: (the more minor ones, the ones that the boggart doesn’t show us. Everyone has little fears as well as the big ones)
Love Interest/s:

Sorting Hat Analysis: (what did the Sorting Hat say about their personality when they put it on? What was its justification for where it put them?)


Childhood: (Do they come from a middle class background? Rich? Were they happy?)

Location of Childhood Home:

Organisations: (Ever been a part of any clubs/organisations, like the Quidditch team, the Order, the DA, the Death Eaters?)

Affiliation: (Which organisations/etc do they belong to? Death Eaters? The Order?)

Previous Affiliations: (Ever been a Death Eater? An Order member? A DA member? Anything at all?)

Bio: (just a bit of history on them!)
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Emily Sawyer
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