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 Immanuel Fannings

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PostSubject: Immanuel Fannings   Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:45 am


Name: Immanuel Justin Fannings
Meaning of name: Immanuel means ‘with us is god’, Justin means ‘Just; upright; righteous’
Nickname: Manny. He hates it. The only one who calls him it is Trenton, who gets severely whacked by Immanuel whenever he says it.
Ethnicity: English, Indian
Blood: Half-blood, I think.
Birthday: April 5th
Astrology sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Sheep.
Age: 13


Head: Oval shaped with a diamond jaw.
Mouth: He has the same smile as Clyde. Thin lips.
Nose: A steep bridge with a long, narrow build.
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown and wavy.
Skin tone: Tan like Robin.
Complexion: Pretty good, hardly any pimples.
Birthmarks: He doesn’t actually have any.
Freckles: N/A
Height: 5’ 5”
Build: Tall and lanky
Clothing style: He has a deep love of jeans and Converse. He usual looks casual, but still doesn’t look like a slob.
Accessories: n/a


Pros: Witty, trusting, competitive, loyal, outgoing
Cons: Moody, slightly temperamental, competitive, sarcastic, gullible, can’t lie for his life
~Voice cracks when he lies
~Taps his foot when bored
~Blatantly changing conversations for no reason
Likes: Foreign food, music, cleanliness, animals, rain, Autumn, Halloween, cooking, neon colors
Dislikes: Thunder, health freaks, tact, stereo typing, loud mouths
Fears: Abandonment, being buried alive
Hobbies: Cooking, reading, doodling
Skilled at: Cooking
Unskilled at: Dancing. Oh god dancing. Not like even dancing you’d do at a school dance where everyone jumps up and down. He just can’t.
Greatest Accomplishment: Beating his father at wizard chess. His dad is amazing at it and that win was unpredicted.
Minor Accomplishment: Getting Trenton to hide in a closet for three hours in a hide and seek game.
Dreams: To be a Raven Claw prefect.
Long term goals: Get all E’s and above in all Hogwarts classes this year.
Short term: Manage to stay awake in History of Magic.
Darkest Secret: Yes. A HUGE one. But no spoilers~


Colors: Dark blue and lime green. Least favorite: Bright yellow.
Books: Too many to choose and compare. Least favorite: The Monster Book of Monsters
Form of transportation: Flying. Least favorite: Walking. It’s just so boring.
Store: Flourish and Blotts, Honeydukes Least favorite: Magical Menagerie. It depresses him to see all the creatures stuffed in cages, and it’s just so noisy in there.
Spell: Babbling Curse. It’s entertaining to see what comes out when people just keep talking and talking. Least favorite: Not counting the Killing Curse? Avis. One time someone in his dorm casted it and the birds made a mess.
Sport: Quidditch Least favorite: Wrestling. “What’s entertaining about a bunch of grown men stage fighting? It’s dumb.”
Saying: “I’m going to live life in the moment, but if that moments sucks I’ll just live in another.” Least favorite: “It is what it is."
Class: Potions. Least Favorite: History of Magic.

School & Magic:

Year: Third
House: Raven Claw
Wand: “Why don't you take a look at this, an elm wand. In length, it is eight inches long. This wand's core is veela hair.”
Quidditch: Chaser
Best Classes: Astronomy and potions
Worse Class: History of Magic. He’s tried to stay awake, but honestly, as soon as he walks in he feels like he’s about to go to sleep.
Elective Classes: Arithmancy, Ancient Ruins, Care of Magical Creatures
Boggart: A swarm of man eating bugs.
Patronous: Owl
Pet: A larger than average barn owl named Tim.


Lives with: Robin (Mom), Clyde (Dad), Trenton (brother)
Father: Clyde Fannings
Relationship: Extremely close. They’re less father-son and more best friends.
Mother: Robin Fannings
Relationship: Close. If she’s ever cooking when he’s around he loves to help out.
Sibling: Trenton –Young
Relationship: Oh gosh. They bicker a lot. But of course, they still love each other. Somewhere. Deep, deep down.

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PostSubject: Re: Immanuel Fannings   Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:34 am

Immanuel. :A:
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PostSubject: Re: Immanuel Fannings   Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:10 pm

*Nosebleed* Curlier hair but... *bleed*
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Immanuel Fannings
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