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 the advance of the titans --- trainee corps --- late summer, year 849

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PostSubject: the advance of the titans --- trainee corps --- late summer, year 849   Fri May 02, 2014 6:14 pm

Though the humidity of July still clung to the earth like a foul mold, the cool of the early morning was still of some relief, even with one's ears racked by the wake-up call trumpets.

The cadets hurried to dress and report for duty; this was to be their first day of 3DMG training, something even the laziest didn't want to miss. Sure, it was only a few balancing exercises and aptitude tests, but to finally get even the slightest taste of such fine technology was something only a proud few could ever dream of.

Within minutes of the first call, the entirety of the 104th Trainee Corps stood single file in the square of the area, all rigged up and at full attention.


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PostSubject: Re: the advance of the titans --- trainee corps --- late summer, year 849   Fri May 02, 2014 8:19 pm

Alexandra stood tall as she could, shifting her weight from foot to foot. It was difficult to tune out the anxious whispers that were thrown across the dining hall that morning- everyone knew that a lack of aptitude for the 3DMG may as well have been a death wish when fighting titans. As she fought to ignore the whispers of her squad, she dared not looked anywhere but straight ahead. Alexandra honestly feared the consequences of accidental eye contact with the head instructor of the 104th Trainees Squad.

Keith Shardis. Tall and intimidating. Bald, with a tan complexion and wrinkles on his forehead. The circles under sunken-in eyes that told a story that this man had witnessed far too much death in his life. All topped off by his barking voice and piercing gray eyes.

"Listen up, you pieces of shit." He paced down the single file of children, eyeing each one up and down like a lion does its prey. "This is your first day of 3DMG training. We're going to start collecting some data for your basic aptitude tests. All this involves is staying upright using the gear, you crap bags. Show aptitude, fantastic. You stay another day until you flunk out somewhere else. Fail here? Be prepared to leave and go back to the landfills."

"So, which asshole is up first?"
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PostSubject: Re: the advance of the titans --- trainee corps --- late summer, year 849   Fri May 02, 2014 8:43 pm

Surprisingly, there weren't any volunteers. No one seemed particularly keen to be the first one to fall on their ass and get yelled at by Shardis. Guy was tough. Just the day before, he'd gone up to each and every person and screamed, demanding to know what their name was, where they were from, and why they were there. That'd been enough to make one poor sap leave that very night. Then again, he had burst into tears when Shardis asked him his name.

Libby Brown didn't feel bad for that kid. He should have known enlisting in the military wouldn't be the most peaceful experience on earth. But, had he stayed, he would've just been a miserable failure anyway, so it was probably best that he left. Libby, on the other hand, was determined to make it through the Trainees Squad at all costs. No way she'd let a little intimidation by a drill sergeant get to her. She could handle a little yelling just fine, thank you very much.

A ways down the line, a small blond boy stood completely still. All he was focused on was not crying and/or having a mental breakdown. That's all he focused on the day before, and he managed to get through that alright. However, his voice cracked when responding to the sergeant, which made Shardis raise his own voice in a mocking tone. Which made Nicolas nervous, which made his voice higher, which made Shardis' higher, and... it wasn't exactly the best of first impressions on either the sergeant or the rest of the trainees. At least it wasn't the worst.

With a groan, Shardis barked orders at everyone to split off into groups and try one of the five 3DMG balance stations. It looked fairly simple. You just had to get into a seat and balance yourself. How hard could it be? Libby headed off to the second station to wait in line. Nicolas ended up at the fifth and tried to appear calm and collected.


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PostSubject: Re: the advance of the titans --- trainee corps --- late summer, year 849   

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the advance of the titans --- trainee corps --- late summer, year 849
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