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 titanium chronicle club theories

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PostSubject: titanium chronicle club theories   titanium chronicle club theories Icon_minitimeMon Dec 16, 2013 2:58 pm

every1 gets fucked up who even steps into the clubroom

angel: ANGEL
charlie: neck snapped by the former
mel: series of bad relationships including charlie, drug/alcohol addiction, suicide
drew: god
serenity: witnesses mother's brutal death, prostitution, ANGEL, fucks dude in a dumpster outside a homeless shelter (see some post i made eons ago about serenity idk)
rachel: mother of 8-50 idek including Sophia her fucked up PASSES ON INTO THE NEXT GENERATION
one: surprisingly unscathed. good for you, one.


We stood beside//A frozen sea
I saw you out//In front of me
Reflected light//A hollow moon
O Orpheus, it's over too soon

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titanium chronicle club theories
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