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PostSubject: Summerfield   Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:55 am

Name: Jennifer Alex Summerfield
Nick names: Jen.
Age: 10
Birthdate: May 3rd
Horoscope Sign: Taurus
Deathdate: ???
Blood Line: Half-blood
Ethnicity: English
House: Ravenclaw
Year: Negative one. She’ll begin after one role play year.
Wand: An ash wand. The length is eleven inches long. It has a core of merfolk hair.

Height: 4 "11
Weight: 75 lb
Eyes: Average shape, a little wider than normal. They’re green.
Glasses/Contacts: Doesn't need either.
Nose: Clean, slanted arch that ends off with a nice button-y end.
Lips: In between thin and normal sized, and when she smiles it spreads across a large portion of her face.
Braces: Sadly, yes. She gets them off in two summers after the start of the role play. At first she has blue and purple elastics. Elastics change every month.
Hair: Her hair goes to her elbows, and is pretty much straight except two front pieces that are curly. They almost look like horns, and her mother is constantly trying to straighten them. It’s the same color as Amanda’s, black.
Freckles: Two small patches on her cheeks. Then a bunch of random ones on her arms/legs.
Birthmarks: On her thigh is an oval shaped birth mark with angled ends.
Complexion: Smooth skin, she doesn’t really have puberty fears with break outs yet.
Skin tone: Peachy.
Moles: A small one behind her left ear.
Earrings: She has her ears pierced in the basic way, just the lobe. She wears them a lot of the time.

Basic Personality: Jennifer is very energetic and fun loving, but she's a bit shy which counteracts with this. She loses her shyness when around her friends. Her parents think she will grow out of her shyness as the Hogwarts year progresses. Jennifer is book smart, but doesn't really know a lot about the real world. She has a bit of a complex from being the youngest, feeling like she has to fight her way to the top for everything.
Con's: A bit of a pessimistic, shy, tempered, takes first impressions very seriously, speeds through work and frequently makes stupid mistakes that if she took her time she wouldn't have made, a bit paranoid about certain things.
Pro's: Kind, energetic, fun to be around, book smart, stands up for what she thinks is right, though it looks like a mess she knows where all of her stuff is, protects friends [even if it gets her trouble sometimes]
Hobbies: Reading, keeping a journal, LOVES to draw
Guilty Pleasures: Snooping around the attic, girly magazines, Altoids [she's partially addicted]
~Painting nails at random times

Main Family: Amanda and Trevor (Parents), Matthew (Older brother)
Mother: Amanda Summerfield [Maiden name Potter]
Relationship with her: A very close, happy one. She enjoys being around her mother, and will tell her everything.
Father: Trevor Summerfield
Relationship with him: They’re close, but not like super close. More so in the middle.
Brother: Matthew
Relationship with him: One based on practical jokes and looking out for each other. As she ages he grows more protective for her.

Character's Character:

Bad Habits – Bluntly pointing out mistakes, frequently daydreaming, usually doodling on assignments, never makes the first move.
Good Habits – Work before play (Sometimes)
Best Characteristic – Her organization.
Worst Characteristic – Shyness.
Proud of – Her music skills
Embarrassed by – Sibling.
Temperament – Very short, but she holds it inside until one big thing sends her spiraling.
Fears – Spiders, bugs, disease, the dark
Phobias – Major arachnophobia.
Secrets -- … Notta.
Feels Vulnerable When – Alone.
Motivation – The thought of life itself.
Goals and Hopes – Long term:
To become popular.
Short term: Maintain good grades, get into Hogwarts.
Day or Night Person – Night, even though she hates the dark.
Optimist or Pessimist -- Optimist
Special Abilities or Powers – She. SHE IS A WITCH /spazzattack

Likes and Styles:

Music – Everything but rap and metal.
Books – Willing to give anything a try.
Magazines – Seventeen Magazine.
Foods – Anything hot [flavor wise]
Drinks – Lemonade, flavored water,
Animals – Cats.
Sports -- Quidditch
Color -- Purple
Clothing – Casual and comfortable.
Jewelry – Necklaces and bracelets. She luffs them.
Games – Monopoly. 8D
Websites – She doesn’t use the computer for anything but Microsoft Word.
TV Shows – They don’t have a TV except a mini one in their parents’ bedroom.
Greatest Want – To find a best friend.
Best Class: Charms
Worse Class: History
Type: Funny, kind, smart.

Likes: [No order]
Having Fun,
Video games,
People watching,
Hot foods, (Hot as in, Buffalo wings)
Unique things,
Really good artists,
Pretty nature scenes,
Holidays, (Halloween is a hugely loved on)
Random, useless facts,
Happy endings,

Snoopy people,
Having no self control at times,
People who only care about fashion,
Stupid boys,
Bugs in gereral,
Racist people,
Stereo Type Believers

Pet: A three year old female, fluffy yellow cat with a brown ringed tail. :3 Delilah.(Will go to school)
School Owl: Male black owl with gray feathered ring around each eye. Age is unknown. Link.
Boggart: A large spider.
Patrounus: Jaguar [Not noticed do to its black furred camoflauge in the night, but is powerful.]
Best Classes: Potions
Worse: History of Magic and Herbology

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PostSubject: Re: Summerfield   Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:55 am

Name: Matthew Laurence Summerfield
Nicknames: Matt
Middle name Embarrassment: Yes. Huge.
Birth date: June 23
Age: 12
Blood: Half blood [I think]
House: Gryffindor
Year: Second
Wand: After five different wands [and a lamp breaking], Matthew got “Now here we have a hornbeam wand. In length, it is eight and one-half inches long. It has a core of hippogriff heartstring.”

Eyes: Taking after Amanda, they are green. If you look closely there are brown flecks from Trevor. They are almond shaped with soft edges.
Hair: Curly, light brown hair
Head: Oval.
Lips: Large, and a light pink color. He has a very large smile.
Height: 5' 3"
Birth mark: An oval-y shape on his ankle.
Complexion: Great. He washes his face viciously in the morning and night.
Skin tone: Peachy
Build: Long and skinny.

Cons: Gullible, vain, cocky, boastful, book dumb, day dreamer
Pros: Helpful, kind, brave, funny, energetic, outgoing
Personality Explanation: Do to Matthew being cocky, he thinks he doesn’t need to pay attention in class because he knows most of it, combined with his day dreaming trait; he really doesn’t do well on tests. Not a teacher favorite. Matthew finds himself with a lot of extra work due to the fact he is gullible and helpful, two traits that do not go well together. Matt is good looking, and he knows it. Matthew’s constant bragging that is going to go will get him into a lot of ‘friendly’ bets at school. He’s not much of an older brother to Jennifer, not really being weird about if/when his sister’s date or anything. Yet again, she's too young for something like that.
Quote: He hates it, but he needs to learn it. “There is a thin line between bravery and stupidity.”

Mother- Amanda Summerfield [Potter]
Relationship with her: Constantly receiving lectures from her, still, they love each other.
Father- Trevor Summerfield
Relationship with him: Extremely close even though they are polar opposites.
Sibling: Jennifer.
Relationship with Jennifer: She comes to him for some advice; otherwise it's just an average friendship kind of relationship. But, they do pull several pranks on each other.

Character's Character:

Best Characteristic – Kindness
Worst Characteristic – Gulliable
Proud of – His looks.
Embarrassed by – His nerdy sister
Temperament – Very easily broken.
Fears – Not living to 20, Muggle borns being attacked again,
Secrets -- … Notta.
Feels Vulnerable When – When scolded.
Motivation – To be the very best.
Goals and Hopes – Short term: Grades.
Long term : To become less gulliable
Day or Night Person -- Night
Optimist or Pessimist -- Optimist
Special Abilities or Powers – N/A

Having fun
Being with friends
Sweet foods
Folk tales
Thunder and lightning
Fall and Spring

Summer and Win

Pet: A large black owl named Blackie.
Boggart: A large puddle of blood.
Partonus: Turtle.
Quidditch: Doesn't find interest in organized sport teams. He likes betting on them though.
Best Class: Transfiguration [Going to replaced by Arithmancy]
Worse Class: Potions

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PostSubject: Re: Summerfield   Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:05 am

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PostSubject: Re: Summerfield   Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:17 pm


-Raven Claw, First Year

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PostSubject: Re: Summerfield   Fri Jul 22, 2011 2:13 pm

I re-did Jennifer with the longer, full profile. Quite a few edits were made, so any need to reference her as a character really should come from this.

Character’s full name: Jennifer Alexandra Summerfield
Reason or meaning of name: Jennifer’s derives a Welsh name, and means ‘fair one’ Alexandra means… protector of men.
Character’s nickname: Jen, Jenny.
Reason for nickname: Well, it show endearment, and nicknames are quite shorter than full names.
Birth date: May 3rd
Astrology Sign: In Western Zodiac, Taurus.
Physical appearance
Age: Eleven
How old does he/she appear: Eleven or twelve, maybe thirteen when she does stuff with her hair.
Weight: 90 pounds.
Height: 5
Body build: A bit tall and skinny.
Shape of face: Heart shape with a bit more round of a chin then the normal heart. It becomes more like a heart within the next few years.
Eye color: Dark green colored.
Glasses or contacts: Neither.
Skin tone: It’s on the paler side the peach spectrum, but not ghostly or anything. She still has color.
Freckles/Moles/Birthmarks: Besides a patch of freckles on her cheeks and across her nose (the patch is very light and hard to notice any time but late spring/summer) she doesn’t have any.
Distinguishing marks: She doesn’t have very many unique features that need to be noted.
Predominant features: Jennifer’s expressions at times are quite surprising, they are frequently exaggerated and you can easily feel/see her emotion just by scanning her face quickly.
Hair color: Black.
Type of hair: It’s straight for the most part except the front part which is purposely styled and layered to be shorter with a bit of a wave/curl.
Hairstyle: It’s usually kept at a length and inch or so past her shoulders.
Voice: Pretty average for a girl her age, not a squeak toy but not a bullfrog.
Overall attractiveness: Overall, I would say for Jennifer’s age she is decently attractive, even if she is more so leaning towards the cutesy appeal.
Physical disabilities: She’s not the best at muggle sports, and during gym in her first schooling would be one of the girls who was fine with hanging in the back of the gymnasium and unless the teacher squawked, just sort of chilled.
Usual fashion of dress: During school, she of course wears her uniform more often or not. But, on holidays or when she outside of school, Jennifer has a bit of a bipolar wardrobe. She can be in a flowy sundress with eccentric and eye catching jewelry one day and in capris, a graphic tee, and flip flops the next. It really is just whatever she feels like during the day.
Favorite outfit: “Well, I love all my outfits pretty much equally. Why would I buy them otherwise? That would just be flat out silly!”
Jewelry or accessories: Headbands, quite noticeable and fun necklaces

Good personality traits: Loves to have fun, energetic, book smart, kind
Bad personality traits: Shy, quite the scary temper, pessimistic, takes first impressions very seriously, not very world smart
Mood character is most often in: Joyful, fun
Character’s greatest joy in life: Friends, family
Character’s greatest fear: Spiders
Why? Once when she was five, Jennifer and her family were camping. She awoke to the biggest spider crawling up her arm. It made it to her cheek before a family member swatted it off.
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil? The death of any member of the family would probably make Jennifer very depressed.
Character is most at ease when: Wearing a comfortable pair of PJs and snuggled up with a good book.
Most ill at ease when: Presented with a problem.
Enraged when: Friends are insulted, or her beliefs are insulted. Jennifer’s temper is also extremely short, but she foolishly allows things that upset her to build up when she hides them until the point where she just snaps.
Priorities: Living a full life, being surrounded by family and friends, absorbing as much knowledge as possible
Life philosophy: “Impossible… I’m possible. Imperfect… I’m perfect.”
If granted one wish, it would be: “I wish for more wishes!”
Why? “Why not?”
Character’s soft spot: Animals
Is this soft spot obvious to others? Quite, if she sees an animal she usually double take to cuddle it, or take a picture.
Greatest strength: Wit
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Shyness
Biggest regret: Not trying to be a bit more outgoing in public school to prepare her for Hogwarts
Minor regret: She didn’t really ask her mother any questions about guys/friends during her bombard of Hogwarts questions, and is worried she won’t know what to do when the situation presents itself.
Biggest accomplishment: Getting into Hogwarts
Minor accomplishment: She hasn't really done much yet.
Character’s darkest secret: Jennifer has cheated several times on tests in her previous-to-Hogwarts schooling in the fourth grade. It’s not much of a secret, but she has stopped doing it now. She had ‘friends’ who would all compare one another’s grades, or really any superior aspect of their personality. Jennifer felt as though as wasn’t as smart as them, and needed to use others to be able to compare.

Jennifer’s second secret would be her opinion of herself. While she is a bit on the shyer side, she still is quite outgoing with friends. Many of her friends/family would think she is confident in who she is and what she does, but on the inside she’s quite unsure about a lot of think in her life.
Does anyone else know? No.

Drives and motivations: To become Head Girl and to make her parents proud.
Immediate goals: Jennifer really wants to receive good marks.
Long term goals: She only has a handful of friends she can really count on, and really wants to gain more. Also, Jennifer has a lot of interest in being Head Girl when the time comes.
How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Jennifer plans to work quite hard in all of her classes, and really try her best not to give up on either dream. When it comes to making more friends, she figures if she makes two they may introduce her to their own friends, and so on and so on.
How other characters will be affected: Other character won’t really be affected negatively, but if she becomes friendly with a person, I suppose it would affect them in the way that they would gain a new friendship.

Hometown: She grew up around Westminster, London. It is one of the quieter parts.
Type of childhood: Quite pleasant, really. Jennifer always had a support system when she needed on, and her parents encouraged her to try her hardest and what not. Her biggest complaint would be a lack of children around her age around the neighborhood.
Pets: Deliliah (Lila, Kitten-cat, Lee La) the cat.
First memory: Jennifer’s first memory is of her and her family picnicking in the backyard. It was very late spring, and all of the buds were turning into flowers.
Childhood hero: Her mother.
Dream job: Unlike a lot of her muggle classmates, or many students at Hogwarts, she doesn’t really have one.
Education: A quaint little public school, and currently Hogwarts.
Religion: Growing up, Jennifer never went to church or anything. She’s not really sure if her family has a religion.
Finances: Upper middle class.

Current location: Hometown (Hogwarts)
Currently living with: Mother, father, brother. (Students)
Pets: Delilah the cat.
Religion: n/a
Occupation: Student
Finances: Upper Middle Class

Mother: Amanda Potter Summerfield
Relationship with her: Quite strong. She goes to her mother majority of the time for advice.
Father: Trevor Summerfield
Relationship with him: An average father-daughter relationship.
Siblings: Matthew Summerfield
Relationship with them: They do love each other, but bicker quite a bit. When they aren’t bickering, they are hanging out with each other.
Spouse: n/a
Relationship with him/her:
Children: n/a
Relationship with them:
Other important family members:

Color: Purple
Least favorite color: Gray and bright yellow
Music: Pop
Food: Her favorites are sweeter, like candy, or very very spicy.
Literature: She’ll basically read anything.
Form of entertainment: Reading/Flying around the backyard
Mode of transportation: Flight

Hobbies: Reading, writing
Plays a musical instrument? In her fourth grade band she played Saxophone.
Plays a sport? No.
How he/she would spend a rainy day: It varies on who she is with. Alone, she would cuddle up with a good book in a pillow fort. With a friend she would splash around in the puddles as long as they could.
Spending habits: Jennifer doesn’t buy a lot, but if she really wants something, she’ll go for it no matter what.
Smokes: “Ew! That’s not healthy, not legal, and just… Ew!”
Drinks: “…What is wrong with you?”
Other drugs: “I’m E-L-E-V-E-N!”
What does he/she do too much of? Studying
What does he/she do too little of? Socializing, just being a kid
Extremely skilled at: School
Extremely unskilled at: Sports
Nervous tics: Clenching her fists, running her fingers through her hair
Usual body posture: She will stand pretty straight with her hands at her sides, thumbs slightly in her pockets.
Mannerisms: She doesn’t really have any.
Peculiarities: ^

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Introvert or extrovert? More so in the middle, leaning towards introvert.
Daredevil or cautious? Cautious
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? Neat
Prefers working or relaxing? Prefers to relax.
Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Unsure.
Animal lover? Yes!

How he/she feels about himself/herself: “I feel… a bit unsure of myself I suppose.”
One word the character would use to describe self:
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: “Honestly, I feel really unsure about many of my personal traits. I know a lot of people say I’m really smart, but I’m not sure if I believe it myself. I suppose I would describe myself as a quieter girl, who just needs the hands of a few friends to crack her shell. I really do love to have fun… Wait, did you mean my physical description or personality?

Well I’ll do both… I guess. I see are girl in the mirror with a bit of a crooked smile, and a metal contraption snaked around her teeth. Her skin around her nose is a bit blotchy, yet otherwise her complexion is quite nice. I love her hair, I think it’s the girls best straight. She seems in good shape, not chubby or anything. But the girl doesn’t really look like she would hold up very well, or at all, in some sort of sport.”
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait? Wit
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait? Un-confident.
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic? Hair
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic? How is she a bit paler than average
How does the character think others perceive him/her: “I accidentally kind of answered that with everything else.”
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself: “I want to be more outgoing…”

Relationships with others
Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others? Sometimes, but if it’s something really stands for, she will snap.
Person character most hates: “I’d rather not say. I bet you would tell them.”
Best friend(s): “Anthony… I just met Brian but he seems very nice! My brother… oh, and I think Dianna and I!”
Love interest(s): “…”
Person character goes to for advice: Mother, Mrs. Sawyer
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Anthony
Person character feels shy or awkward around: “…”
Person character openly admires: She doesn’t really ‘admire’ anyone.
Person character secretly admires: In some ways, Dianna. Jennifer sees her as someone who is quite good at getting her opinions out and is outgoing in Jennifer’s eyes.


First Year of Hogwarts: The current year
House: Raven Claw
Blood: Half Blood
Broom: Nimbus 2000
Wand: "Perhaps this, a plain walnut wand. It is eight and one-half inches long. This wand's core is dragon heartstring."
Patronus: Jaguar
Boggart: A very large, ugly spider. An explanation for this is found above as her greatest fear.
Amortentia: To Jennfier, the potion smells like a library, spicy food, and cats

House: Raven Claw
Quidditch: She doesn’t play.
Best Subject: Transfiguaration and Potions
Worst Subject: Herbology
Elective Classes: She isn't sure yet.
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