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PostSubject: The Silvas   The Silvas Icon_minitimeSun Jun 30, 2013 11:40 pm

Name: Maxwell Evan Silva
Meaning of Name/s: 
-Max: From a Scottish surname meaning "Mack's stream"
-Evan: Anglicized form of Iefan, a Welsh form of John.
Nickname/s: Max.
Birth Date: May 25th, 1980.
Blood Status: Half-Blood.
Blood Type: B-
Astrological Symbol: Gemini.
Religion: Agnostic.

Hair: Chocolate brown hair, that is very curly. It goes to about his earlobes, and goes in all directions. There’s no use taming.
Eyes: They are close together, and are the same color as his hair-a rich brown.
Skin: A light olive. His nose, arms, and legs are covered in freckles.
Height: 5’5”
Build: Ectomorph. He’s trying to put on some muscle, but there seems to be no use.
Clothing Style: He lacks any sense of style. Of course on school days he has to wear his uniform, but he is the type who would wear a flannel shirt with plaid printed shorts.
Accessories: He has braces. Other than that, nothing of particular note.

First Year: 1991.
House: Gryffindor.
Quidditch: He tries out, but he never makes the team. So, he just plays intramural Quidditch.
Best Subject(s): Charms and Transfiguration.
Worst Subject(s): Potions and Herbology.
Elective Classes: He later enrolls in Arthimancy and Divination.
Notable Abilities: Max favors subject that involve manipulating magic to his favor. He also has notable flying and mathematical abilities.

Wand: 13 1/2”, Rowan. It contains a unicorn hair core, and it is surprisingly supple.
Patronus: North American Lynx.
Pet: None. His mom doesn’t think he’s responsible enough for a pet just yet.
Boggart: An image of him drowning. Or, his little brother dead.
Mother: Alicia Ramsey.
Father: Martin Silva.
Siblings: Matthew Silva.
Hometown: Derby, England. His father is a Muggle that lives in London, but since his parents are divorced, he lives with his mom most of the time. He goes to visit him in the city every spring break.

Likes: Sports, especially Quidditch. Flying, spicy foods, card games, Gobstones practicing magic, comic books, reading actual books... he’s not one to talk about, but he enjoys singing, and he secretly tries out for the school’s choir...
Dislikes: Homework, cooking, Potions, Professor Snape, being ignored, losing, giving up, being upset...
Dreams: Nothing huge. Have lots of fun of Hogwarts, and make the Quidditch team!
Hobbies: Sports, card games, Gobstones, reading both comic books and actual novels, singing, socializing.
Positive Traits: Max is very friendly and lively. He is outgoing, and is never afraid to strike up a conversation. He is bold, and often leaps head first into situation without thinking things through properly. He is very competitive, and dislikes giving up on things. He shows great loyalty to his friends.
Negative Traits: Max can be very outspoken, which leads him into trouble. Sometimes, he takes things too far for the sake of a joke, and then he treads on people’s feelings as a result. He can be a bit melodramatic, and for better or for worse, he can view anything as a competition. He can be quite the sore loser.
Fear/s: He has a fear of drowning, or in more broader terms, a fear of suffocation. He’s also rather claustrophobic.
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