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PostSubject: The DiGandis   The DiGandis Icon_minitimeTue Jun 25, 2013 9:06 pm

I'm not sure who's playing Antonio, but add his profile to this thread.

Name: Boris Eli DiGandi
Meaning of Name/s: 
Nickname/s: Bore, much to his dislike.
Birth Date: January 11th, 1979
Blood Status: Pureblood.
Astrological Symbol: Capricorn.
Religion: Masorti Judaism.

Hair: Dark brown hair, almost black. It’s rather shaggy, and the length is just past his earlobes.
Eyes: His eyebrows are a very faint tan color, with little flicks of green sprinkled in the iris. They are very round, and slightly close together.
Skin: A shade of olive.
Height: 5’6”
Build: Ectomorph, but he’s not terribly lanky.
Clothing Style: Comfortable. On school days, he has on his uniform, but on weekends he wears things like T-shirts and jeans. He has a favorite dark red jumper.
Accessories: He has a black Yarmulke/Kippah.

First Year: 1990.
House: Slytherin.
Quidditch: Nope.
Best Subject(s): Potions, Astronomy & Charms.
Worst Subject(s): History of Magic.
Elective Classes: He isn’t in his third year yet, but he enrolls in Care of Magical Creatures,  and Muggle Studies.
Notable Abilities: Animals seem to like him, and he likes them back. He’s pretty proficient with jinxes and hexes. He also has a talent of pissing off Antonio.

Wand: 14", Blackthorn, Phoenix Feather. Rather unyielding. 
Patronus: A sea turtle.
Pet: A very large brown and gray speckled Screech owl named Solomon.
Boggart: Himself being swallowed whole by the Giant Squid in the lake.
Mother: Rebecca (nee Hayes) DiGandi.
Father: Giovanni DiGandi.
Siblings: Antonio.
Hometown: Southampton, England. 

Likes: Animals, owls, socializing with his friends, reading, musical theatre, Muggle stuff, performing magic, teasing Antonio...
Dislikes: The Soviets, school, schoolwork, History of Magic, sharks, The Phantom of the Opera, the Giant Squid, orange pudding...
Dreams: At the moment, he doesn’t have any dreams or long term goals besides graduating, and learning his Hebrew properly.
Hobbies: Reading, musical theatre, socializing...
Positive Traits: Friendly, good sense of humor, honest, intelligent, relaxed, and easy going.
Negative Traits: Oblivious, critical, blunt, can be offensive, occasionally thoughtless towards others feelings.
Fear/s: Deep water, and what sort of creatures lurk beneath it. He has irrational fears towards the Giant Squid in the lake, and sharks.

Love Interest/s: None, so far.
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The DiGandis
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