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 blackpool -- april 1, 1998 -- raining

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PostSubject: blackpool -- april 1, 1998 -- raining   Wed May 22, 2013 10:00 pm

(oops time warp)

The window was wide open. Drops of rain stuck to the tear in the screen, glimmering in the gray light like a spider's web by a flame. Elroy sat on the couch, gently stroking the woman's cheek as she sobbed into his lap. Irene wasn't physically able to carry a child. One look at her emaciated body and hollow eyes could have told anyone. She was a sack of defective organs carried by rotting poles and a short circuit lodged in her spine. The amoebic face of what was to be their downfall had just finished comfortably lodging itself in her carrion. Mother.

Holy Mother, please bear this burden for your feeble servants. You've had a few in your time, can't you take one more? Surely, he'll be no messiah, but, we beseech thee; may the cries of those in need fall on your ears, whether they be deaf or able.


We stood beside//A frozen sea
I saw you out//In front of me
Reflected light//A hollow moon
O Orpheus, it's over too soon

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blackpool -- april 1, 1998 -- raining
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