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 Thomas Waller

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PostSubject: Thomas Waller   Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:02 pm

Name: Thomas Adrian Waller.
Nickname: Tommy
Why: Because it's the general nickname for Thomas.
Year: 2nd
House: Hufflepuff
Ethnicity: British/Polish.
Appearance: Tommy is a good height, and stocky. He has broad shoulders and has lots of muscle.
Eyes: Green
Nose: A little pushed in. Nicely shaped, and button-y.
Mouth: Big, smiley. White, even teeth, due to his dad being a dentist.
Hair: Brown, shaggy. He keeps it over his face and always flips it out of his eyes.
Dress: Thomas dresses in the uniform, and on weekends, wears casual clothing like hoodies and jeans.
Personality: Thomas is rather laid back and fun. He isn't much of a trouble maker, he goes with the general flow of things, but gets through life with a sunny disposition.
Friends: Thomas is a really funny guy. He's friends with a lot of people, and is rather popular. Unfortunately, that is sometimes at the expense of others.
Patronus: A baby black bear.
Animagus: ^
Wand: Oak, with a hippogriff tail center.
Hobbies: He's in the Gobstones club.

He's sort of bland and VERY unfinished. He'll be expanded, I promise.

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PostSubject: Re: Thomas Waller   Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:32 pm

Waller. Gigglesnort.
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Thomas Waller
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