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PostSubject: Clarifications.   Clarifications. Icon_minitimeSat Dec 22, 2012 5:42 pm

-magic (with a lower case m): Refers to the act of doing neat things like casting spells on people and brewing potions. The magic we're all familiar with.

-Magic (with a capital M): Refers to the psuedo-deity that has existed since the ceration of Earth. Responsible for progressing the evolution of humans. Some humans chose give up their personal freedom to be able to posses magic.

Wizards later forgot about the idea of Magic being anything more than a mutation in people's genetic coding that allows them to do pretty awesome things. Magic is really the thing that is pulling the strings of the wizards progression through time.

Magic is still there, lurking. What it wants from humans is a ~*mystery*~

Magic is responsible for being the main turning point of the two of the three major overarching storylines.

-Department of Mysteries: Where Magic is lurking. Magic is really what is controlling it, and the Unspeakables are fronts more than anything else. Studying the metaphysical constantly.

-Tang: The conclusion for wizards in a couple of timelines. It is ore or less the next step of evolution for wizards, or possibly human race overall depending on what direction we choose to go in.

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PostSubject: Re: Clarifications.   Clarifications. Icon_minitimeSat Dec 22, 2012 5:54 pm

Elaboration on ending options that need elaboratin'

Elaboration on if magic were to be killed in its human body along w. hugh of course bc hugh kinda dies in every ending lol:

Having finally achieved humanity (its possible end goal), Magic is now susceptible to many human ailments. Including death. So somebody takes him out. Note that this would take something so powerful that this is an EXTREMELY unlikely outcome, i.e. an extreme homebrew spell(*/**) or something analogous to the Lance of Longinus/Olivia perpetually riding Hideaki Anno's cock.

Anyway. Since it's like permanently ingrained in a large portion of humanity's genetic makeup (not to mention the universe itself), everything would go kaput, in a similar manner as what would happen if Hugh wound up eliminating the force himself before it takes hold of his body. This route could also be seen as a much more traditional approach to the TANG/Anno ending.

* When I say "homebrew" I mean that all spells were discovered/created by SOMEBODY. Think about the half blood prince on a crazy OP metaphysical level.

** Or, you know, maybe Legilimency.


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