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all was well.
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 characters: expectations vs. reality

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Armin Worldwide


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PostSubject: characters: expectations vs. reality   Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:34 pm

I wanted her to be an obnoxiously independent bitch that has an actual hipster mentality (bases her liking of things solely based on their popularity) and believes that everyone is a ~*special snowflake*~ and shouldn't conform to any sort of social norm; but then, subsequently, doesn't practice what she preaches and ends up being a popular girl that everyone assumes should be popular because she looks pretty decent and is confident in herself. Can sweet-talk her way out of anything if need be and is an absolute doll to the professors. Mean to people but pulls out the "omg i'm just kidding!" card.
noisy bitch

I wanted him to be a legitimately nice, courageous guy that is loyal to the very end, even if it means getting his ass in trouble. Mischievous and boyish, who likes to think he knows everything and knows more than adults do. Flamboyant theater kid that has to make a big deal out of everything, including hiding his passion for theater, because he was always paranoid of what people thought of him. Also a bit of a pretentious Bible-thumping homophobe that eventually evolves into a more liberal mindset as he experiences the world and realizes that he isn't always right.
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PostSubject: Re: characters: expectations vs. reality   Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:23 pm

Oh my God. </3
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PostSubject: Re: characters: expectations vs. reality   Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:56 pm

good thread great thread

Expectations: Whiny emo brat who later grows into a more strong and silent mindset as he comes to terms with who he really is.
Reality: emo brat

Expectations: Delusional pollyanna-incarnate who later gets torn the fuck up by all the shit that goes down in the world. The only truly positive member of her family, though she maintains a good relationship with her father. Her brain is lost somewhere in orbit, but her heart's right where it belongs.
Reality: moe moe kyun

Expectations: A socially-crippled pseudo genius who is "forced" into the world of politics by whatever unknown force with lots of allusions to Bernard Marx and stuff and then he becomes a dad and kills harry potter and ditches everything to live in the hills and then he grows a beard and comes back like a boss and starts runnin shit really no i never thought out what would happen to him after he leaves i won't lie y'all it was all improv........ he was a huge disappointment i'm sorry.
Reality: dies at the end


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PostSubject: Re: characters: expectations vs. reality   

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characters: expectations vs. reality
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