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 Ba Sing Se

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PostSubject: Ba Sing Se   Ba Sing Se Icon_minitimeTue Jun 19, 2012 8:34 pm

Kalyanni was here, travelling with her knapsack strewn over her shoulder. Her long hair was rolling down her back in multiple braids with a piece of rope wrapping them all together. She had gotten extremely bored on the boat, and had decided to do this herself, while the long wait across the ocean. She had managed to grab her cloak in time to run off the boat (She had snuck on, and was chilling with the cargo) and soon found herself surrounded in a fabulous market. She only had a few coins on her, but that was enough to settle on a corner of the street and begin street performances for a couple coins.

Living on the road really didn't bother Kalyanni. This was probably because of the skills she had learned from the other air benders, and had mastered it herself. Unfortunately, she never had the time to get the arrow tattooed on her yet. It's her dream to get this done, but for that she has to go farther in the lands to find the air temples. She had no intentions of putting all her duties on going to an air temple, when there was so much empty land to travel through, first. And so, Kalyanni spent her time travelling and taking in as many cultures as possible.
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Ba Sing Se
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