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 Character Applications

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PostSubject: Character Applications   Sat May 26, 2012 4:49 pm

For now, I'm just going to do Rachel. My others will come later.

Name: Rachel Andrea Astor (Nee Moreno)
Age: 21
Birthday: April 17th, 1839
Married: Yes, to Elroy Astor at the age of 17.
Children: Yes, a year old son named Clarence Jacques Astor.

Height: 5'4
Skin Color: A pale complexion from being inside.
Body Type: Little breasts, but wide hips. So, pear shaped.
Hair: Well taken care of auburn hair. Quite long, as it reaches her waist. It's constantly being put up into up do's or curled.
Eyes: A dull blue.
Nose: Long, with a very prideful tilt at the tip of it. Always has the appearance of being stuck up.
Mouth: Beautiful rose colored lips. A wide smile.
Chin: Very round.

You all know her!

History: Rachel grew up living the life of a plantation owner's daughter. The Moreno's cotton plantation was famous in the community for it's quality crop. Rachel grew up spoiled, but she was still unhappy. Her father was loud and abrasive, and not just toward his many slaves. But also towards his family as well. She grew up wealthy, and she later married into wealth. Fortunately for her, she was infatuated with Elroy Astor and left her father's house without a second look.

Current Life: Rachel oversees the house slaves, as well as taking care of year old son. Because of her, the house is run like clockwork thanks to her firm hand. She is pleased to see her plantation flourishing, and believes life could not get much better.

Clothing Taste: Rachel has an extravagant taste in clothes. She's using her husband's wealth to her own advantage. She constantly wants to be in the latest styles, and has hired herself a private seamstress. Not to mention, the countless supplies of hats, jewelry, gloves, etc.

Hobbies: Embroidery, reading, painting, socializing, etc.

Husband: Elroy Astor.
Son: Clarence Jacques Astor

(More will be added later once more characters are established.)

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PostSubject: Re: Character Applications   Sat May 26, 2012 5:06 pm

Name: Amanda Lily Potter
Age: 21


Height: 5’5 (relatively taller for the average woman of that time which was ~5’2)
Hair: Falls to the middle of her back, usually up in a tight bun made of one long braid
Eyes: Still green, wide hazel shape. (Wears glasses for reading)
Skin: Rather pale since she spends majority of her time indoors
Mouth: Pale pink and thin lipped.
Nose: Long with a narrow bridge and a wider ‘button’ tip.
Bust/Body type: Average bust for the woman of that time, if not very slightly larger. Her hips are rather narrow, and her mother frequently puts her in the latest breath stealing corsets to hide this.
Usual attire: Her family is well off, so normally she wears dresses like this but more modest. The sleeves still droop into the middle like in the portrait, but cover her shoulders and the cut is much higher.



Short personality summary: Amanda has a brain full of ideas much too righteous for her time. As a child her mother foolishly allowed her to have a tutor, and due to this Amanda became involved with poetry in her early teenage years. She believes all should have an equal education, and due to these views her mother frequently reprimands her. She is beginning to edge into the territory of becoming an old maid since many men find her education and views repulsive.

Though she is a bit of a stiff, around closer friends she easily let’s go and is always up for a good laugh. She loves to stay educated on current events revolving around slavery, Lincoln, etc. Has been slapped several times for suggesting her family to assist slaves in running away. They are against it, but refuse to take that risk.

Positives: Educated, kind, humorous, adventurous
Negatives: Stubborn, tactless
Hobbies: Reading papers/book/poetry, writing
Education: Attended Oberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio) one of the first and only colleges accepting of female and black students. She convinced her mother that the first suitor that came to her after getting her bachelor’s degree she would marry. So far one hasn’t come yet, contrasting with when she was very young and lacked an education.
Family: Her father is well off as a factory owner, and provides a stable and luxurious life for the family. Her mother is ashamed of her daughter’s views, and just wishes she would get married already. She frequently is trying new ways to make Amanda more appealing by forcing lessons on cooking, embroidery, and manners. Her brother, Harold, is away fighting the war.
Resides in: Philadelphia
Friends: Extremely close with a pen pal named Melenie.
Dreams of: Getting a poem published in a well known paper, or even publishing a book of poetry.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Applications   Sat May 26, 2012 5:50 pm

Name: Melenie Adeline Fannings (nee Astor)
Age: 20s
Birthday: July 17th, 18XX
Married: Yes.
Children: Expecting their first.

Height: 5'0
Skin Color: A pale complexion from being inside. And genetics.
Body Type: Very thin, practically shapeless. Corsets and bustles herself to hell and back when in public. Well not right now but yeah.
Hair: Black, unmanagebly curly. Usually keeps it in a series of braids and under a bonnet.
Eyes: Dark green, chronic bitchface.
Nose: A straight bridge, rounded at the end. Wide nostrils.
Mouth: Narrow lips, chapped. She bites them a lot.
Chin: Somewhat square, but tapers to a small point near the bottom.
Dress: Often a couple of decades off, but it's not too noticeable.

History: Family owns a large iron mill in New York. Married off young. Currently lives in West Virginia -- near the Virginia border. Moderate house.

Positives: Good sense of humour, fairly optimistic.
Negatives: No motivation, shaking hands.
Hobbies: Doing nothing, collecting clocks.
Education: None to speak of.
Family: Two older brothers and an older sister. Mom and pop. Pop's dead though.
Friends: A penpal in PA, and quite a few across the border.
Dreams of: Being a shepherd and other strange subconscious bits.


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Armin Worldwide


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PostSubject: Re: Character Applications   Sun May 27, 2012 10:34 pm

Name: Libby Leona Brown
Age: 23
Birthday: June 20th, 1837
Married: No.
Children: No.

Height: 5'7"
Skin Color: A sort of medium beige.
Body Type: Straight. Her chest is fairly flat and her hips aren't exceptionally defined, but she makes it work.
Hair: A dark brown, with hints of auburn.
Eyes: Dark brown with a ring of blue around the pupils. Narrow, slanted.
Nose: Straight-edged.
Mouth: Full, dull-colored lips.
Chin: Rounded, but her face itself is more square and defined.
Dress: Cheap, typically bought from secondhand stores. Libby usually wears dresses that accentuate what little curves she has.

History: Libby's the outcome of love between a Korean immigrant textile worker (Eunbee Han) and a Tennessee coal miner (Adrien Brown). Libby grew up in less-than-satisfactory conditions in a family that, in a desperate attempt to make ends meet, generally didn't have parents present. Libby's one of three (the middle child between Andrew and Holly). While Andrew went on into banking and Holly married into wealth, Libby searched around looking for a job. Eventually she found work in a small motel in downtown Memphis and now sells her "services" to male customers in exchange for room&board.

Education: The kind lady next door that babysat child!Libby taught her the basics of reading and writing.
Family: Adrien Brown and Eunbee Brown (nee Han), parents; Andrew Brown, brother; Holly Bradford (nee Brown), sister; Blaine Bradford, brother-in-law; the rest are either dead or have strained relations with Libby and her immediate family
Friends: Nova, her coworker.
Dreams of: Doing something meaningful with her life, whatever that may mean.

Birthplace: Nashville, TN
Current residence: Memphis, TN


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PostSubject: Re: Character Applications   Tue May 29, 2012 5:33 pm

Name: Kelsi Cruise
Age: 19
Birthday: April 21st, 1841
Married: No.
Children: No.

Height: 5"0
Skin Colour: Tan, rustic, partially Indian
Body Type: Petite, elfin, yet worked from the fieldwork
Hair: A blackish dark brown which is thick and long; unkempt. Usually kept back with old string and a bandana.
Eyes: A blackish dark brown; big and round, long eyelashes.
Nose: It's long and pointed, with a significant bridge. It shows traces of her Indian side.
Mouth: She has a wide, thin mouth that creates a big, animated smile.
Face: Her face is small, oval, with a pointed chin. Almost kind of diamond shaped from the jaw down.
Dress: Old, worn clothing; old frocks from previous slaves.

History: Kelsi's upbringing was a bad one. From the hookup of a British traveller and an Indian slave (who in the end was deported to Haiti), her and her twin sister were born. They were brought up in harsh environments, and from the moment they hit six, were put through tough child labour. Kelsi's real name is Kalyani, yet she's simply called Kelsi around the cotton fields, and from her master. Now, at twenty-one, she's gone through and seen more than she should have at her age, and is familiar with the harsh conditions such as the whip.

Education: None, other than how to harvest, plant, etc. in a field

Family: Robin, her father who probably lives somewhere in Britain, and her mother who's in Haiti, or dead, who knows.

Dreams of: Reuniting with Robin since they were taken away at fifteen sometime in her life, and escaping to Canada VIA the underground railroad.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Applications   

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Character Applications
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