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 Heidi Ackermann

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PostSubject: Heidi Ackermann   Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:58 pm

Heidi Ackermann
Age: 17
School: Durmstrang
Personality: She's really quiet, and almost shy. She's what you'd call mysterious. She doesn't talk much, but that's mostly because she's in a foreign country, and doesn't know English very well. She's still got a bold streak, which most likely is what will get her to be a champion.
Looks: She's very tall, 5'10, and quite attractive. She has long fine dirty blond hair, that's to her mid-back. Her eyes are a dark blue, and cateye-shaped. They've got specks of green close to the pupils. She's got a Greek nose, with a bump on the bridge- as though she got it broken once when younger. Her lips are thin and small, looking very Europian. She has dimples in her cheeks when she smiles. She's not curvacious, but has slightly broad shoulders, and toned legs- she does many sports. Her skin is slightly tanned, from her small Greek backgrounds.
Blood: Half-blood.
Race: Norwegian, with slight Greek background.
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Heidi Ackermann
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