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 Jennifer Adeline Pollard;;

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PostSubject: Jennifer Adeline Pollard;;   Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:21 pm

Name: Jennifer Adeline Pollard
Meaning of Name/s: It is of Welsh origin, and the meaning of Jennifer is "fair one". It is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Adeline is "noble".
Nickname/s: Jen, Jenni, Ad.
Birth Date: August 31st.
Blood Status: Half-blood.

Hair: Short, falling to mid-neck; dusty-blond. Normally always up in double pig-tails.
Eyes: Sapphire blue.
Skin: Semi Mediterranean-tan (light-ish dark olive color).
Height: Short; five foot three and a half inches.
Build: A bit chubby, but nothing more (Kind of like movie-Neville chub)
Clothing Style: Casual, normally dressing in jeans and a T-shirt whenever home for the winter; shorts and a tank/cami during the summer.
Accessories: Constantly wearing different accessories; could be a bracelet one day, a necklace the next, maybe a ring the other and sometimes even all three at once. It all depends on what she's wearing. One thing that remains constant is the ribbons that she wears in her hair (they range in color).

First Year: (I have no idea; what year, guys? o_O?)
House: Hufflepuff.
Quidditch: She would love to play Quidditch if she could, as a Chaser.
Best Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts (and some Dark spells as well, though she absolutely hates them).
Worst Subject: Transfiguration.
Elective Classes: Ancient Runes and Arithmancy.
Notable Abilities: Though she doesn't tell many people, but she is learning to become an animagus. She's terrified of registering as a kid, so she's going to when she's an adult (or, at least when she feels like it's okay to do so...)

Wand: Bloodwood, nine inches exact, hippogriff feather core.
Patronus: Lamb.
Animagus: Fowl (baby horse).
Pet: Long eared owl named Sir Ginger (
Boggart: Darkness.

Mother: Jean Pollard -- witch; English.
Father: Ackerly Pollard -- Muggle; Italian.
-- Sister(s): Ady, Squib; Birgita, Muggle.
-- Brother(s): Venceslao, wizard; Paolo, wizard.

Likes: Light, fluffy things, happiness, good things, flowers, the color yellow, ect.
Dislikes: Dark, sharp objects, sadness/depression, trees (yes, she doesn't like trees), ect.
Dreams: She dreams of being a great witch of her time.
Hobbies: Collecting Chocolate Frog cards, making friends.
Positive Traits;
Friendly, she acts friendly to almost everyone she meets;
Caring, she cares for everything that's dear to her--even if she's just met them.
Negative Traits;
Shy, she doesn't normally talk to people outside of her group of friends (which doesn't consist of many);
Easily scared, she gets scared more easily than normal people, but she is brave in the face of battle (odd, no? O.o)
Fear/s: Bugs, ghosts (the non-wizard type).
Love Interest/s: Shhh!


Childhood: Jennifer had an unusually happy childhood; instead of like normal Half-blooded children, her Muggle father DIDN'T run out of them. In fact, he embraced it with open arms, saying always that he knew there was something more special to his wife than he knew.

Location of Childhood Home: Vince, Italy; moved to England when she was ten, her mother wanting her to attend Hogwarts.
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PostSubject: Re: Jennifer Adeline Pollard;;   Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:00 pm

Um, I don't want to be a jerk, but would you mind changing her name? It's just because I have a character who I posted a month before this with the same... *Just noticed her name*
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Jennifer Adeline Pollard;;
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