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all was well.
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 Left Wing .

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PostSubject: Re: Left Wing .   Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:12 pm

Dianna had sat alone in her bed for three days. Three whole days of retching, disgusting medicine, watching other people get hurt, and not being spoken to. She had written to her mother, and her father. Her mother had wrote back with a simple "deal with it so what you're sick" attitude- evidently she had acquired a new boyfriend- and her father had yet to respond, if he was ever going to.
So, yes, at the moment, she was quite furious with everything, as eleven year olds often got.
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PostSubject: Re: Left Wing .   Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:32 pm

Brian, had gone through great troubles since he ended up in that bed. The only graceful thing about the whole illness he has gotten is how he slid through each stage without trouble, planting himself in the deepest, and worst stage of them all. He needed someone to constantly look after him, due to the fact that he was in such an unstable state, likely to fall into Septic shock at any moment, falling into it at least once every day due to the body working at full force to removing the virus.

Since the school has discovered the solution of what has been going on, and developed the extremely rare and difficult cure of somewhat infusing Phoenix tears into the bodies of the students, one by one students have begun getting cured and sent home for the remainder of the year. In fact, the school itself was a ghost town. It was emptied by over half the student population, to prevent further infections. Luckily, it isn't closing down. Unfortunately, there won't be any more school for a while, and once every student is cured and every teacher is cured too, they will all head off and the school will have some huge intervention to help clean everything and disinfect everything and burn the remains of the basilisk. It will all be fixed by the next year, if this goes on to schedule.

Brian hasn't been as lucky as the others. The illness has not only permanently effected his immune system and strengths, but also caused mild permanent paralysis. Let's just say he'll never be able to ride a broom. He's had a near-death experience, but finally was getting better. It's as though he's pushing his way back uphill, home through the third and second stages, down to the first. He's back where he began, and was sleepin soundly.
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Left Wing .
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