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 Basilisk Fever Symptoms

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PostSubject: Basilisk Fever Symptoms   Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:53 pm

1. Loss of appetite
2. Loss of sleep
3. Dizzying Paranoia

1. Vivid dreams with wild dizzying colors
2. Morning sickness (Varying on how sick you are), followed by no appetite nor sleeping ability
3. Mild hallucinations involving those you love or hate (strong relationships) walking through walls, or other things then fading away

Very few who are affected are healed before this, as the virus is first developing as small... well, virus. They're extremely lucky, and have incredibly strong immune systems.

1. Constant vomiting with no way of consumption
2. Blisters form in esophagus and mouth (both inside and on lips) from corroding virus in vomit
3. Virus spreads to nerve endings, causing pain, and touch to not be felt except for within the lower stomach which experiences random and sudden shocking pains similar to being stabbed. They occur two or three times a day, and last about five minutes.
4. Due to Virus spreading through to nerve endings within the brain, blinding begins to occur.

1. Vomiting stops, and patient is treated with horrible need to eat that doesn't end, and sudden pains in lower stomach become more progressive and longer (4-5 times a day, 10 minutes)
2. Nerves in spine are damaged, causing paralysis
3. Fingertips are numb and stuff

Most people start to get better here. Majority, in fact. Only ahead are the really unlucky ones.

1. Patient falls into nonstop unconsciousness
2. Pains become only once a day, or sometimes twice. They're also not as long, lasting 2-3 minutes. But, they're more dangerous and painful. Due to patient's already weak state, this sometimes leads them into shock, which requires a lot of attention to resolve.

Eventually, they'll get better, but still.

I don't know why o3o but still this is it, nicely (badly) described and stuff. I'm kinda scared now o3o
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PostSubject: Re: Basilisk Fever Symptoms   Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:00 pm

This is so beautiful.
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Basilisk Fever Symptoms
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