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 Slughorn's Office

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PostSubject: Slughorn's Office   Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:08 pm

The letter had arrived in the office, the next day after it was sent. The ink was a dark violet color, but still readable, and was written in distinct and neat handwriting. 'Sophia Sawyer' was written on the return address.

"Dear Professor,

It seems strange to think that only a year ago, I would be settling down in your N.E.W.T Potion's class, pulling out my supplies, waiting for the bell to ring! I still look back at my Potions classes, especially my advanced ones, with fond memories. I remember at the beginning of my First Year, I was not looking forward at all to it. But thanks to you, you have really made me appreciate and enjoy this useful and fascinating class.

I made cookies yesterday, and I enclosed a batch of them for you. They are chocolate chip, and I added some walnuts to them. I think they are quite delicious. I hope you enjoy them!

Professor, I remember once in class, you told us to find your dream, and then find the means to chase after them. I have decided on my dream. I wish to open a school of my own, in hopes of providing an alternate education for the next generation of witches and wizards. I want nothing more to construct a bridge for those students, in hopes they will go on to do great things.

I have decided on where I want the school to be built, and how to follow through the means of construction. But, I lack the money. I can not bear to ask my parents for the money, and I do not want this school to be supported by the Ministry. I am afraid you are the only one I can turn to. The collateral I offer is simple: I will pay off the loan I owe to you, and provide the children with the same wonderful education I was blessed to received from you.

Professor, I understand that this is a huge request, but I truly believe I can follow through with my goals. Knowing the faith and hope you had me alone is more than enough to achieve what I want. But right now, I need your aid. Professor, I hope to hear your response as soon as possible.

Sincerely Yours,

Sophia Sawyer."
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Slughorn's Office
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