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 Hi there corner

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PostSubject: Hi there corner   Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:36 pm

Leah was walking here with Derek, both looking rather solemn. "I can't find Matilda or Caroline," sighed Leah, blowing her hari out of her face.

Derek looked straight ahead, sporting a similar expression as to his younger sister, and blew some black strands of hair out of his own face, too. "I can't find Will, or any of my crew," he said his lips protruding into a rather strong pout.

"Well, beats me. If you find a crowd of people who gives you a headache and a sudden impulse to jump off the Astronomy tower, you've found them."

Derek stopped abruptly, and stood straight, going to his original, frighteningly tall height. "WHAT?" he asked, and glared at her. "Hey, come on... they're not that bad..." he said, drooping back to his loose shoulder self, looking mellow and stuff. Still, it was obvious she had struck a nerve.

"Oh, pardon for cracking a joke at your buddies, Derek. I mean, you do it to me a lot too!" she retorted, seemingly (and stranggely) affected moreso at his reaction than he was at her insult.

"Well, you should know I intend on having the biggest bash EVER at our house since mom and dad are going on that second honeymoon or whatever."

"Yeah? Gonna get your druggie friends to supply you with some unlimited sources of pot?"

"God damnit, Leah, why do you have to be so mean to everyone? You're only twelve, you shouldn't even be THINKING this stuff."

"Age is but a number! It clearly shows on YOU, though." Leah snapped at him, and crossed her arms. Derek shook his head, and left off clearly not enjoying the company of her.
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Hi there corner
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