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 The Chamber Of Secrets

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PostSubject: The Chamber Of Secrets   Thu Jun 23, 2011 12:59 am

Had anyone even been down, ever since that fateful night of the Battle of Hogwarts? Had there been anyone brave to go down the same route the Golden Trio did, and reap the use of the poison by the creature was down there?

Apparently not.

Perhaps no one had been fearless enough to go down, and face the demons of the Chamber of Secrets; both the literal ones, and that ones that are metaphors.

The Metaphor Demons might still be lurking around, but the Literal Demon was dead. Dead as a door nail.

Dead as a door nail, indeed.

The Basilisk that once haunted the the Chamber of Secrets, and brought terror and death to so many human beings horrific grandeur had rotted away. Now, it was just horrific. Horrific, in a beyond the universe, sort of sense.

What was left of the outer scale of it's once bright and intimidating black scales had been dulled to a bland sort of gray. But, you couldn't actually tell how they gray there were, as there was no few of them. Mostly, the skin had rotted away, revealing the skeleton of the beast, along with it's muscles and internal organs. Those two giant systems, had been half rotten too, looking even more grotesque. Even the eyes were half rotted away, with the monster's glazed, gold eyes half gone of the eye sockets.

Time had already taken away a good part the Basilisk's ultimate weapon away, it's eyes, along with the rest of what that beast originally once was.

In exchange, Time had given it a smell. The most awful stench one could possibly imagine.

The best way to describe is this:

Imagine you're walking along a road, and you come across a landfill. Mixed with the usual waste you expect with humans, throw in endless carcasses of animals of all walks in life in there as well, and you'll have a clear picture of what this beast's corpse smelled like.

Both of these images certainly aren't for the faint of heart, or the stomach.

Oh, humans are indeed so silly! We're fearless of the strangest things! For example, the thought of cleaning up a giant, rotting corpse of a snake sends the very willies down our spines. But, how would it be able to hurt us? Isn't it dead? We could just get in there, and clean it up!

But, even the spirit of the Basilisk still manages to find ways to come and claim innocent lives, just like it did when it was slithering upon this Earth. A nasty, sort of gruesome way, much more awful and painful then simply being petrified. In comparison, being petrified would be merciful, compared to what the Basilisk is going to do the students of Hogwarts.

So it begins, a story of the foolishness of humans, and that very stench I described...
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PostSubject: Re: The Chamber Of Secrets   Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:52 pm

Brian hissed, a long note, and slowly the snakes unhooked and turned into the outside of the old door, which slowly creaked loudly and opened. A horrible stench filled the small room covered with fallen bits of snake skin and was showered with bones. It was so horrible that Brian himself almost fell out of the curse. But it was just almost. Somehow, he got back out of there, and like ordered, went straight to bed.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chamber Of Secrets   Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:39 pm

A figure stood at the opening of the chamber. His face was spread into a nasty, wild-like sneer that resembled one of a hyena who just caught their prey. Did a heart actually lie in this beast-like human's heart? If any, it resembled that of the wizard's in the Hairy Heart.

This man was Kyle Jones.

His life was simple in his eyes. Just a basic chess game with the additional stupidity of human emotions thrown into it time to time. But take out the ingredient of emotion and you've concocted quite the malicious plot.

A simple plot was made, and followed through. Kyle picked an easily-broken first year, casted the Imperius Curse upon him, and had him open the chamber. This very chamber that Kyle Jones stood in now. He, unlike many, many other Slytherin's stayed with a 'friend' in Raven Claw tower long enough to build up an immunity to the rotting corpse's virus.

Yes, there were some bumps in the way. Like that rotten little third (or was she second?) year who punched him in the nose. She was easily quieted after he forced her down to the chamber. Her eye's widened to the size of that stupid little punch of her's.

But alas, there was one emotion in this entire plot. Kyle's beautiful Black Queen.
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PostSubject: Re: The Chamber Of Secrets   

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The Chamber Of Secrets
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