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all was well.
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Dr. Frank-n-furter


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PostSubject: Lovefests.   Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:24 am

LIZA: Liza, you're beautiful. You have this FLAME inside you, and I know they say gingers have no souls, but you are the one expectaion to that, okay? You may be a redhead on the outside but on the inside you're this giant heaping rainbow flame that can be really painful at times, but then when you're cold and in the dark, it'll be there, constantly lit to help you. And your HUMOR. AHHH. You're just. I just have to say, TINY MINISKIRTS ROCK AWWWWWWN. You are my sister, okay? OKAY?! I will do what Eric and Nicolas did in Regen with you, if it ever comes up. I will. And, don't ever leave me.

OLIVIA: Olivia, I love you. You're like those kind of people who you look up to despite everything, despite arguments and disputes. You've influenced me the MOST on this forum, and that's pure honesty. I mean, I love you. SO MUCH. And you're here, although we can be hoes to you you hold out. You hold out because despite making it seem like you have no hope, you DO have hope, and you're so goddamn stubborn yet amazing, and I love you for that, and never ever change that ever, okay? Don't give up on life, you've made it this far. You're like my admired rolemodel right there hanging on my wall in a big poster.

SARAH: Sarah. You say you're so unconfident. You say that you're pathetic, and you have no chance in doing your goals. Guess what? Don't listen to that tiny little bitch voice in your head. You know what that is? It's a little fucking bitch that's trying to stop you from doing your dreams. Don't listen to it. It's LYING. You're beautiful, Sarah. You've got all the talent and power and strength required to do what you want. I wish you were my mother. You're one of those people who keep this forum alive, and keep it going, and I just want to be in your arms. Sure, we may have different views on things, but that doesn't stop ANYTHING between us. I maybe have been mad at you for a while a few months ago, but really, I never ever want you to leave my life. Keep pushing yourself right back in, okay? Keep being there, because really? You ARE like a mother to me.

AMANDA: AMANDA. My little sugarcake. I hate that we hardly talk, but when we do, I love the conversations. You keep me young, my love. And to think that you're not even THAT young. I hate that I have thi simage of you. But Amanda, please don't take this the wrong way. I love you soooo much. You've got the happiest smile, and you're so beautiful, and mature, and you hold out with us, and I just love that you're so mature for your age. I love that you can speak rationally, and when you're here, I feel as though the whole forum is lit up with Christmas lights and sparkley and stuff, and never go emo because really that would just break my heart, I love youuuu.

Last and definitely not least...

STEPHANIE: Steph, I love you so much. Even though you're younger than me, it makes me feel so happy seeing you all bubbly and full of hobbies, and well, I love that you're able to be in love with so many things, and spread your love around to everyone. I will always go to you in need of advice, or telling you a story, because you're what I need. The fangirlism you create, the way you show me that life is enjoyable, even through mainstream media and such. You're THERE, you know? In my life. I love it so much! I see you as an angel, okay? So yeah. Thank you.

Thank you, all of you.
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PostSubject: Re: Lovefests.   Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:18 am

I read all of last night's archives, and started shaking from joy/tears/etc. I love you all so much, and... Well, it's best to simply do it one by one, even though I can capture our sisterhood in simple words.

Liza!~: I love you man. Every time we talk I can't help but roll around in laughter from our pop-culture fueled hilarity. When we chat, as they say, hilarity ensues. You're a fighter who keeps her head up no matter what, and for that I adore you. Your intelligent, passionate, and just one of those kinds of people I can't help but cling to. Please, do not ever think you're less than the best.

Olivia: Where do I begin? Do I begin at the times when you force me to stay up five to an hour longer? Do I begin at times when I called you to get you out of bed? Do I begin when I can rely on you for raving on VMK? How about, I just love you. You're intelligent. You always speak your mind. You're beautiful, radiating it from the inside out.

Sarah: Everytime we talk, I feel better about life. Your up-beat attitude is just an oozing mass of contagious happiness. I love you, and it. I love that while I can retreat to you for a serious conversation, I can also chill out with you and jsut let everything go and we can chat like there's no tomorrow.

Justine: I really wish we talked more, but when we do, I just can't hit that 'log off' button until I'm sure you're ready to get off. I hold onto every moment very closely. You're strength is like a flame that dares everyone around you to attempt putting it out, but no one can. No one ever should or could really. No matter what, keep fighting, keep screaming till your voice is heard, because you are a beautiful person wh odeserves NOTHING but the best.

Stephanie: Where do I begin?! Majority of the time when we get together, new mutual liking I never even knew anyone else knew existed come up. Every time we talk, I can't help but giggle from the insanity. You've been put through things no one should even have to imagine, let alone go throguh. But the amazing part of it is, you keep on marching, head held high. Never let anyone say you're less than amazing.

I don't believe I really captured the essence of our friendships correctly, but, I think it's the best I could do. In short? I love you all with all of my heart.
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Sasha Worldwide


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PostSubject: Re: Lovefests.   Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:21 pm

Justine: Oh my God, I know that sunflower comment from last night sounded like some high person, but it's absolutely true. You're just so bright and beautiful, like one! You're as bright as lively as those wonderful yellow petals. But, you're more than just beauty and cheerfulness. Also like a sunflower, you have layers of seeds, and you have depths like one. You're so intelligent, and you really think things through. Also, I like how you're such a peace keeper. When all of us are screaming and ready to declare nuclear war on each other, you're just like "Uh guys?". It's so nice that you just want peace, which is such a Canadian thing. Also, I love your non Canadianness. It's so fun to get insight on it's culture. I adore it when we sit down and talk, you always have many interesting things to say, and many laughs to be shared. Sometimes, I may seem mean, but it's only because I care about you. Also, you're both an amazing artist and writer, and I love your talent in those fields. I hope you are blessed with a wonderful, happy life, because you certainly deserve it.

Olivia: I don't get why you say you're shallow, because that is wrong, wrong, wrong. You're like the OCEAN. Your depth is thousands and thousands deep, and you're just teeming with life and wonderfulness underneath the surface. I love your snarky attitude on life, sometimes. It's just so funny, and in a way, there is a lot of truth in it. But also, you're just plain ADORABLE when you get all fangirling and squealing. It's so funny to see you switch between those two attitudes with ease! Olivia, you're really like my twin sister. We have our fights like any sister, but we always get through it. We also have so many in-jokes and jams, AND I LOVE IT WHEN WE SCREAM IN CAPS AT EACH OTHER LIKE THIS, and it just brightens up my day. You mean so much to me, you don't even know. I don't where I would be, without your wonderful influence. Sometimes, I think "What would Liv do?" (which is usually not care at all) in my train of though. By the way Olivia, thinking about our roleplays ALWAYS put a smile on his face. You're just so intelligent and beautiful, and I KNOW you will go far. I love you.

And here's an inside joke to send you off: MASSARA BLUE JEANS BUSINESS MEETINGS.

Amanda: If Justine is my sunflower, and Olivia is my ocean, you're my kitten! You're ALWAYS so adorable and nice, and you just always want to hang out and roleplay with me! It makes me feel so happy the way you care about me. When I'm feeling down, I know that I can always turn to you if I have the blues, and we can just talk away our feelings. By the time we are finished, I feel so much better. I know that you can always turn to me, too. You're so upbeat and funny most of the time, it's amazing! You're eternally happy and energetic just like a kitten, and you're cute like one too. I also know that if I want to squeal about kitty cats, I can always turn to you, because you will understand why I love them so much. And I just LOVE our video game conversations, because we both generally have the same taste-and you still need to play Super Mario RPG, by the way. We have definitely have an older and younger sister relationship going on, and it's just so nice when it shines through when we talk. Amanda, you just bring life to everything you do... school, the forum, VFK, our roleplays, your drawings... you're just an eternal beam of life, and I love you!

Beth: I shall always call you Beth, instead of Liza or Liz, because you're too darn amazing for that name. Remember last summer, how we goofed off on VFK all the time? I will always hold those memories dear to my heart. I really, really got to know you through that, and it was just so much fun. Beth, your intelligence amazes me. The way you can think things through and comprehend things amazes me. You're so ambitious and full of bright ideas, and I only have one thing to say to you: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates better watch out for your beautiful user friendly products, like the Pineapple Computer or something. Anyway, I also love our civil debates, when they're actually civil, and how we can both throw around ideas with each other, without really any of us getting particularly offended. It's so nice! Also, you're SO funny and witty, and you have such a pep to you! Sometimes, I might seem really mad, but it's really because I care about you. You're like my little sister. No matter what you say, you are a courageous and strong woman, who will go far in anything she dreams about. I KNOW you will get a scholarship, and achieve whatever you dream about. I love you!

Steph: It's amazing how far we have come. I remember when we were on VMK, we would ALWAYS get into horrible fights, and always be mad at each other! Look what a 180 we are now! You're such a beautiful young woman, who's bright and witty. It always makes me sad when you say you are ugly, and you won't score or guy or anything. That is SO untrue! You're beautiful, and the reason why those guys aren't asking you out is because they are afraid. They're afraid that you will overpower them with your strong, intelligent attitude. Trust me, you want to intimidate all of them with those things. You're so funny, and I LOVE all your geeky comments and Dr. Who that you throw around the forum. Others may ignore it, but I just love all those funny pictures you post! They always make smile. Also, I LOVE our roleplays. They always brighten up my day, and they put a smile on my face. I anticipate for them. And Steph, you're just so kind, and I think you're smarter than your siblings. I know you will blow them out of the water, with whatever you pursue. I love you!


Everyone, I just wanted to say that I'm very proud of you all. You have all matured into beautiful young women.
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