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 Strange Hideout

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PostSubject: Strange Hideout   Sat May 07, 2011 9:16 pm

Leah was standing here, in what looked like some long forgotten area of the forest. How she got here she had no idea. Actually, she did. She was roaming around the bottom corridors of the school, and wound up finding a very narrow tunnel through to here. She was quite proud of herself, though, because what happened to be some abandoned chill spot for whoever was right before. The seats were of course covered in moss and mold and such, but there was a paper pinned to an old tree- it looked as though it were charmed to stay nice and intact. Some parts of the paper, unfortunately, were falling apart either way and many of the letters were fading. Of course, either way, Leah looked around in awe, her young 11-year-old self holding an uneven posture. She stepped over the murky hallow ground, over to the paper, and read it.


Challengers of Bad Reality Authority

She read on, finally realizing what this strange group was made of. "... This is so cool!" she gasped, and clapped her hands to her mouth. "I have to show Caroline and Matilda!"
And with a whip of her dark hair, she crawled through the old nurse log and into the secret tunnel, and down back to the castle.
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Strange Hideout
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