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 Ravenclaw Common Room

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PostSubject: Ravenclaw Common Room   Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:50 pm

Clearly, no other Common Room in Hogwarts could rival Ravenclaw, especially when it came to the view.

The Common Room was so light and airy and pretty. It really felt like you were sitting on a cloud in the middle of the vast blue sky, Emily thought to herself. She was sitting at one of the many tables that milled around the Common Room, with a pad of sketching paper, and a pencil in front of her. Every so often, she would gaze out the window, at the view of the majestic mountains far to the east of Hogwarts. She was copying the scene onto her paper; a very simple sketch of the mountains in the early morning.

Emily knew that Gryffindors had the view of the lake, which would be nice, she supposed. But what about the Hufflepuffs and Slytherins? According to James, there wasn't any windows in their dormitory areas. Nothing except the smell of food. But what if something disgusting was being served? And she never asked Sophia if there were any windows in Slytherin. She doubted it, figuring that they were in the dungeons, but they might have an underwater view of the lake. That might be nice, if there wasn't a giant squid there. The thought of a giant beast like that staring at you while you slept gave Emily the shivers.

Indeed, Emily was very pleased with her spot in Hogwarts. She had made some good friends, and she agreed with the sorting hat: Ravenclaw would send her on her way to greatness.
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Ravenclaw Common Room
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