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 Matilda. Matilda Silva.

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PostSubject: Matilda. Matilda Silva.   Mon May 10, 2010 6:25 pm

Arg. I'm probably gonna edit this. "orz

Name: Matilda Alice Silva.
Meaning of Name/s: MATILDA means MIGHT, POWER, originating from Germany. ALICE means TRUTH, NOBLE, originating from Greece. SILVA originates from Portugal/Spain and means WOOD.
Nickname/s: Mattie, sometimes.
Birth Date: November 22nd. Technically a Scorpio, but on a cusp, so she shows traits from both Scorpio and Sagittarius.
Blood Status: Technically a Pureblood, seeing as none of her grandparents are Muggles.

Hair: Widow’s peak, and dark brown, with bangs that hang down to her highly-arched eyebrows. Her hair is really thick, too, and falls to the bottom of her ribcage. She has it tied into two pigtail-braids, which hang over the front of her chest.
Eyes: Dark brown, and naturally pretty wide. They’re a chocolate-y brown, and typically lined with thin silver for contrast. They’re kind of close together, like her dad’s.
Skin: Caucasian, though with a natural tan. In summer, she gets a fairly nice tan from being outside so much.
Height: 5'1". Slightly above average.
Build: She’s average weight and slightly above-average height, so she looks like any other eleven-, maybe twelve-year-old. She’s slightly muscular, as she swims a load over the summer.
Clothing Style: She tends to dress casually. In summer, she's always wearing jean short-shorts and some form of a T-shirt or a tank top, with her black track jacket that goes past her butt, with white stripes on the sides of the arm.
Accessories: A charm bracelet. She constantly switches from right to left arm, though.

First Year: 2016 (considering this is 19 years after 1997).
House: Slytherin.
Quidditch: Beater. Most definitely.
Best Subject: D.A.D.A, Charms, Transfiguration, Arithmancy.
Worst Subject: Potions, Herbology, Muggle Studies, Care of Magical Creatures.
Elective Classes: Arithmancy, Muggle Studies, Care of Magical Creatures.
Notable Abilities: Amazing Quidditch player, and she's pretty good with wandwork.

Wand: (Wood type, core type, length, etc)
Patronus: Panther.
Animagus: Cheetah.
Pet: A huge Labrador named Paul, but he doesn't come to Hogwarts as dogs aren't allowed.
Boggart: Herself, giving birth. Ever since she's had "the talk," she's been afraid of sex and childbirth and such.

Mother: Libby Silva (nee Brown).
Father: Maxwell Silva.
Siblings: Grace Michelle, Josiah, and Isaiah.
Aunts/Uncles: On Max's side, Mathew--on Libby's side, Andrew, Holly.
Cousins: Drew's kids and Holly's kids. Whomever they may be.
Spouse: ???
Children: ???

Sorting Hat Analysis: (what did the Sorting Hat say about their personality when they put it on? What was its justification for where it put them?)

Personality: Matilda is a little brat. Even she knows it. She displays a lot of self-confidence even though she knows that she isn't the best (which is what she strives furiously for), or she doesn't really have so much confidence. She loves to tease people, mostly unintentionally hurting their feelings and not understanding why, much like her dad. Loves a good joke. She never gets in trouble despite her self-centered, mischievous personality, as she's a phenomenal actor and always pretends to be an innocent angel. Also, she's very protective to those she knows best--those she REALLY REALLY knows and loves. Ferocious temper, as well.

Childhood: Middle- to high-class.

Location of Childhood Home: In a vast expanse of fields around southern UK, on the beach.

Organizations: No.

Affiliation: No.

Previous Affiliations: No.

Bio: The second-born of the Silva family, while consisted at the time of a Healer, a Curse-Breaker, and Grace Michelle, their daughter who was five at the time. She's lived in southern UK all of her life, and a year later the couple had another child, and their first son, Josiah. Three years after that, along came Isaiah, the last of the Silva family. They grew up in their upper-class beach house, which was pretty nice and spacious with lots of modern furnishings. They were never really spoiled, and were always taught to work hard to get something out of life.
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PostSubject: Re: Matilda. Matilda Silva.   Mon May 10, 2010 7:33 pm

oh crap i was gonna name one of mine alice.

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PostSubject: Re: Matilda. Matilda Silva.   Mon May 10, 2010 7:49 pm

You can still name a character Alice. :<
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PostSubject: Re: Matilda. Matilda Silva.   Mon May 10, 2010 8:44 pm

There was something else though as a backup

and I forgot it now



edit: i forgot again
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PostSubject: Re: Matilda. Matilda Silva.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:54 pm

Here's an even longer character sheet... it took about two hours. Here's the blank sheet:

Yes, I changed a lot. Enjoy.

Full Name -- Matilda Alice Silva.
Meaning of Name -- MATILDA means MIGHT, POWER, originating from Germany. ALICE means TRUTH, NOBLE, originating from Greece. SILVA originates from Portugal/Spain and means WOOD.
Nickname -- Mattie, sometimes. Or, if you're Anthony, Tilly.
Birth Date -- November 22nd.
Astrological Sign and Details -- She's a Scorpio, although since she's born on a cusp, she shows some traits from Sagittarius. If you want to know about Scorpio/Sagittarius, you can look it up... there's loads of information about it all over the internet.
Birth Place -- St. Mungo's, because I doubt wizards would go to the Muggle hospitals, right?
Age -- 11.
Race -- Partially German, but mostly English.
Hair Color -- Dark, chocolate-y brown. Inherited from Max.
Hair Style -- About waist-length, with a widow's peak. No bangs. Typically in long pigtails hanging over the front of her chest. It's rather thick hair, too.
Shape and Features of Face -- It's kind-of heart-shaped, from Libby. Her lips are thin-to-average and kind of wide, and she's got Max's large, somewhat pointed nose and Libby's wide eyes. Her features seem a bit too full and awkward for her face as of now, but they should be grown into.
Eye Color -- Dark, deep brown, from Max again. Him and his dominant coloring.
Skin Tone -- It's got a bit of a natural tan to it, but nothing too special considering her parents were both white and a bit tan.
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- A large scar on her left shin from where she "fell" down the patio stairs. And by fell, her older brother pushed her.
Build or Body Type -- Pretty average. She doesn't have muscles or anything, and since she's only eleven and three-quarters, it's not like she's got loads of curves. Though for her chest, she only wears a sports bra.
Height -- 5'1" give or take a couple of inches.
Weight -- 105 lbs.

Family and Childhood:

Mother Libby Silva [nee Brown].
Father -- Maxwell [Max] Silva.
Parents' Occupations -- Libby is a Healer and treats sick people at St. Mungo's; Max is a Curse Breaker and digs up awesome treasures at Gringotts.
Family Finances -- They're pretty well-off and live on the outskirts of England, considering her mom is a doctor and her dad digs up treasures.
Brothers -- Jacen Silva [age 16]; Josiah Silva [age 11, her fraternal twin]; Isaiah Silva [age 8].
Sisters -- None. She had to grow up with three brothers.
Other Close Family -- Her cousin Leah [from Drew's family]; her cousin Dara [from Holly's family], then of course her aunts and uncles and grandparents and all of that.
Best Friend -- Leah. LEAH LEAH LEAH. And, I guess you could say that she's best frenemies with Anthony, because their parents were all like best friends. Besides that, I don't know.
Other Friends -- ...
Enemies -- ...
Pets -- A giant golden retriever named Paul.
Home Life During Childhood -- It was pretty stable, I guess. She got plenty of attention from her parents, but growing up with the only other female in the house being her mom [even the pets were males!], she grew up to learn to fight and be all aggressive-bitchy. Especially since Josiah and Jacen were always ones to pick fights with their sister.
Any Sports or Clubs -- She'd love to play Quidditch when she gets to school, and since she sings, she'd love to join the choir.
Schooling -- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, going into first year. She'll be sorted into Slytherin House.
Favorite Subject -- Arithmancy once it's available, but for now it's Potions ["It makes me feel like one of those mad scientist people!"].
Popular or Loner -- She's quite energetic and outgoing. It's hard to choose, because since she's so aggressive she isn't exactly popular, but she'd make plenty of friends so she wouldn't be a loner.
Important Experiences or Events -- Her entire childhood. Getting into fights with her brothers led her to become stronger and ready to pick fights, and growing up with parents like Max and Libby influencing her led to the development of her personality.
Health Problems -- None.
Culture -- The English culture, you know. Wizard stuff. She doesn't know anything about Muggles except for telephones, because her family has a couple due to Max's work.
Religion and beliefs -- Religion isn't actively exercised in the Silva household, though she was raised a Christian.

Your Character's Character:

Bad Habits -- Fidgets too much. Says "uh" too much. Pretty much those hyperactive mannerisms.
Good Habits -- Brushes and flosses daily, of course. Gets out and runs around and plays for a couple of hours per day.
Best Characteristic -- Pretty outgoing, and an extremely hard worker.
Worst Characteristic -- Aggressive, and a really fierce temper.
Proud of -- Her strength and her self-confidence.
Embarrassed by -- Max acting like a child, Josiah and Jacen thinking they're womanizers.
Driving Style -- She can't drive! But she "drives" [flies] her broom as fast as she can, making sharp turns and such.
Strong Points -- Excruciatingly hard worker, pretty intelligent in actuality, cares deeply about her friends, and loads of ambition.
Temperament -- FIERCE. Always in your face.
Attitude -- She has a pretty good attitude towards life. Towards men, they're all idiots and deserve to be beaten. Towards work, "Get it done already!" Overall, she's got a pretty good attitude, but if you get her mad or if she loses, she's terribly sour. She believes she has to be the best, so she's SO competitive.
Weakness -- If you insult her, or dare tell her that she's not as good as you, she will CUT YOU. Also, getting near her family and friends. As stated above, she's quite competitive.
Fears -- Giving birth or having sex. Ever since her mom gave her the sex talk. ["I have to push a HUMAN CHILD out of some, like, ten-centimeter hole in my butt?!"] Besides that, she doesn't have many fears that aren't phobias. Not even slimy things.
Phobias -- I don't know the names of these phobias; but termites, being alone, sexual abuse, childbirth, things of the like.
Secrets -- Nothing. She doesn't keep secrets.
Regrets -- She regrets nothing. If she does something some people would regret, she would yell "I regret nothing!"
Feels Vulnerable When -- She's not wearing a bra, when she's in a deep pool by herself.
Pet Peeves -- People who walk/talk/act slowly, people who think they're amazing but they're not, spoiled brats.
Conflicts -- She already has older brothers and several cousins to live up to, MAN PIGS, and the occasional self-doubt. And the people at Hogwarts are probably going to get in her way at some point. However, she plows right over those conflicts to reach her goals. Fiercely.
Motivation -- It feels good when she accomplishes things after working hard towards them, and having people compliment her on her work and things of the like. That feeling motivates her towards her goals.
Goals and Hopes -- To be the best. She's a bit self-centered. She wants to win, to be the BEST, to kick ass. Oh, making friends at Hogwarts would be nice, too.
Sexuality -- Straight.
Exercise Routine -- She runs around outside with her brothers, or she goes swimming in the pool they have out back. Walking [or running] the dog is good exercise, too.
Speech -- She has a pretty strong English accent, considering she grew up in Britain.
Tag Words -- Hmm?
Gestures -- She talks with her hands a lot, points, and does thumbs-up and peace signs sometimes. Also, flipping the bird. Naturally.
Day or Night Person -- Day.
Introvert or Extrovert -- Extrovert!
Optimist or Pessimist -- Optimist!
Special Abilities or Powers -- She's a witch. She's a great fighter [physically and wizardly], and she plays a bit of Quidditch on an old broom of her mom's.

Likes and Styles:

Music -- Wizard rock. It's the only music she knows.
Books -- She's not much of a book person. But, she likes nonfiction. Why get caught up in stuff that doesn't even exist?
Magazines -- Witches' Weekly?
Foods -- She's down with whatever. She is NOT picky at all. Just not seafood. Eurgh.
Drinks -- MILK MILK MILK. Plain white milk, not any of that chocolate milk.
Animals -- Dogs and eagles. She hates cows though. They're too boring, despite that they provide her milk.
Sports -- Quidditch.
Social Issues -- Anything. The Daily Prophet is pretty good, though. She loves looking in on the lives of others and seeing all of the drama.
Color -- Orange.
Clothing -- Casual--like track jackets, shorts, tank tops, plain jeans, tennis shoes all the time, regular plain shirts. Things of the like. She hates button-up shirts though. There are too many buttons and they're too small and she always cross-buttons.
Jewelry -- None.
Games -- Wizard Chess. She plays it all the time with her little brother Isaiah. They're a great match for each other.
Websites -- Websites? Aren't those Muggle things?
TV Shows -- TV? What is that?
Movies -- Stop kidding around with this Muggle stuff. Matilda is a WITCH.
Greatest Want -- To be THE VERY BEST. She's power-hungry.
Greatest Need -- Food. Also, milk.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now:

Home -- A nice, big house on the outskirts of London. It's kind of old, and spacious, and it's got a giant patio in the back with a pool. It's two stories high, including the attic and the half-finished basement.
Household furnishings -- Modern furnishings. Nice, big, comfy, and stylish, all in one. Furnishings are personalized in the bedrooms, however, depending on whoever sleeps in there's tastes.
Favorite Possession -- Her sock monkey. It may be an old Muggle toy, but it's always been there and she can't remember living without the sock monkey.
Most Cherished Possession -- See above.
Neighborhood -- It's a quiet, sparse neighborhood. Some trees, too. The neighbors are witches/wizards.
Town or City Name -- London.
Details of Town or City -- Capital of England. EOD.
Married Before -- She's eleven!
Children -- She's ELEVEN. She hasn't even started her period. Can she really have children?
Relationship with Family -- Pretty good terms with her parents, though she has them convinced that she is an ANGEL. However, with Jacen and Josiah, they're frenemies and they annoy the heck out of her. No matter, she can kick their butts. Josiah's, anyway. She gets beat by Jacen sometimes, though, because he's like five years older than her.
Best Friend -- This was answered above.
Other Friends -- This was also answered above.
Enemies -- Same as the last two.
Car -- Cars? Aren't those Muggle things? Stop with the Muggle things!
Pets -- A golden retriever, named Paul.
Career -- She goes to Hogwarts, does that count?
Dream Career -- She's not sure. Matilda IS only eleven, after all!
Dream Life -- See above.
Love Life -- None. She thinks all men are pigs and deserve to be beaten.
Sexual Turn Ons -- See above.
Sexual Turn Offs -- See "Sexual Turn Ons."
Sports or Clubs -- Once comes second year, QUIDDITCH!

A Little Extra Information

a) If your character could have two whole weeks for vacation and go and do
anything he or she wanted, what and where would it be?
-America. It seems to fascinating, Americans. Besides, it's so big, and there's so much to do and so many cultures! It would be an ADVENTURE!

b) If your character had a weakness for one of the seven deadly sins, which one
would it be and why? (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth)
-Greed. Simply because she wants to be the best. She's a bit power-hungry, see.

c) If your character could bring one person back to life and spend a whole day
with him or her, who would it be and why?
-She doesn't want to bring people back from the dead. They're dead, and it's time to move on with life. Magic can't bring people back, silly!

d) If your character won a three-million dollar lottery, what would he or she do
with the money?
-Put it into savings so she'll have LOADS. Take it out bit by bit for Hogwarts school supplies and things she wants to buy and such.

e) If your character could change one thing about him or herself, what would it
-She'd make herself an itch less aggressive and pushy when it comes to making new friends.

f) What would your character do to relax after a bad day?
-Take her shoes off, sit upside-down on a couch or a bed or something, snuggle up to Paul, and sit there, just letting her mind relax.

g) Where would your character go to hang out if he or she wanted to feel
-Her room, with the door locked, or outside to the pool if the weather allows it.

h) What does your character do when he or she is angry?
-BITCHFIT. She fights people, she screams, she hollers, she goes INSANE.

i) Does your character have a secret passion? What? Why is it a passion? And
why is it a secret?

k) If your character were asked to describe him or herself, what would he or
she say?
-"I'm pretty awesome. I don't care what anyone says, I know I'm awesome and if people hate me, then that's their own darn fault!"

l) Where does your character want to be in his or her life, ten years from now?
-Successful? Matilda doesn't know. She doesn't think too far ahead.

m) A tear jerker is on. How would your character react if alone? How would your
character react if with others?
-Matilda would let a tear go, maybe. When she's with others or alone.

n) Deep down, what does your character really think of his or herself? Do they
think they are fair, moral, honest, ect...?
-"I'm pretty awesome. I can defend myself, I'm good at school, my parents and my cousins and my aunts and uncles love me! I have friends! I mean, that's good, right?... Sure, some people think I'm crazy, but I'm not! I've just got a stronger personality than most people! Humph. If they don't like me, it's their loss."

o) What does your character think would make a perfect first date?
-Dates? Matilda? Haha, that's funny!

p) What does your character consider romantic?
-Romance? MATILDA? That's even funnier!


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PostSubject: Re: Matilda. Matilda Silva.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:17 pm


Awesome character chart. I think I'll use it once I get around posting my characters... but I'd add in some witch/wizard information like Boggart, Patronus, Amigus, Wand, etc. myself, or other goodies.
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PostSubject: Re: Matilda. Matilda Silva.   Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:28 am

Have an edit;;

Matilda is terribly afraid of deep waters. Pools are okay, but lakes or oceans terrify her. She's afraid she'll drown or come in contact with some sea-monster or something.

Oh, and the magic stuff is in her first profile that I posted. Except her Boggart is no longer herself giving birth, it's a lake.


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"liv can u add the kerm on the right im eating dorites"

"Don't look, I'm not yaoi. XD"
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PostSubject: Re: Matilda. Matilda Silva.   

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Matilda. Matilda Silva.
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